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2000 uses for WD40

The uses of WD-40 described on this website were provided to "WD-40" Company by end-users of the product, and do not constitute recommendations or suggestions for use of "WD-40" by "The WD-40 Company". These uses have not been tested by "The WD-40 Company". Consumers should exercise common sense whenever using "WD-40". Always follow the instructions and take heed of all warnings printed on the "WD-40" containers and related packaging.
A link to the official "WD-40" usage document can be found

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. Keeps boat trailer locks clean and working
. Lubricates folding parts of Razor scooters
. Spray on beach chair hinges to prevent binding and rust
. Lubricates sleds and toboggans
. Lubricates stuck zipper on wetsuit
. Cleans and protects metal buckles on snow gear
. Prevents canopy stakes from rust
. Lubricates sliding window tracks on boats
. Lubricates rusted umbrellas
. Cleans and lubricates bells on antique sleighs
. Keeps snow from sticking to impeller
. Removes oxidation from boats
. Cleans and conditions rubber on table tennis paddles
. Keeps fishing reels rust-free
. Keeps model trains rust-free
. Keeps fishing lures corrosion free
. Cleans dice
. Protects bicycle chain
. Cleans bike chains
. Removes athletic tape from ankles
. Shines golf clubs
. Removes gunk from surface of guns
. Helps detail outboard motors
. Lubricates rollers on rowing machine
. Keeps boat engine parts rust free
. Lubricates winches on boats
. Protects metal baseball bat from rust
. Cleans bowling ball finger holes
. Cleans road tar off boat hulls
. Removes river sludge from boat hull
. Lubricates and protects unicycle seat post
. Lubricates golf bag zipper
. Lubricates pump-action guns
. Prevents rust on golf spikes
. Displaces moisture from guns after cleaning
. Anti-rust agent and lubricant for gun magazines
. Eases application of rubber racquetball racquet grips
. Cleans volleyballs
. Lubricates squeaky boat mast
. Penetrates and cleans stiff buckles on horse equipment
. Lubricates dart guns
. Protects bike frame from salt water corrosion
. Drives out hard to remove debris from rock samples
. Cleans exposed vinyl on boats
. Cleans golf club shafts
. Prevents rust from forming on metal picnic cups
. Prevents corrosion on my sailboat pulleys
. Cleans and protects trailer hitch locking mechanism
. Keeps rust from forming on hockey skate blades
. Cleans golf club faces
. Cleans boats
. Use to lubricate hockey goals and keep them from rusting
. Cleans rust off sprockets
. Removes camouflage tape from guns
. Lubricates steel zippers on camping equipment storage bags
. Cleans and protects console gauges on boats
. Helps disassemble stuck parts of swing set
. Cleans dirt from stabilizer jacks on camping trailer
. Prevents corrosion on boat trailer axle
. Removes deep stains from basketballs
. Protects golf clubs against rust and corrosion
. Removes tire marks from fiberglass body of go-carts
. Cleans exterior of drums
. Spray cleats before playing in rainy weather to keep mud from sticking
. Prevents fishing flies from rusting
. Unfreezes frozen snowshoe zippers
. Cleans golf balls
. Keeps seat staples from rusting on personal watercraft
. Keeps boat shifter cables loose and free from rust
. Polishes and protects boat rails
. Cleans and lubricates electric horse clippers
. Shines and protects blades on hydrofoils
. Protects baseball gloves during off-season
. Helps removes golf club grip tape during regripping process
. Removes glue and adhesive backing from stripes and graphics on sides of boat
. Polishes fishing lures
. Removes depilatory wax from floors
. Keeps ice skate blades from rusting
. Cleans and protects miniature golf gear
. Softens and cleans netting on lacrosse sticks
. Lubricates bilge pump on boats
. Cleans knife blades
. Removes dead insects from golf carts
. Cleans dead insects from boat windshields
. Rejuvenates soft plastic fishing lures
. Removes tape from aluminum bats
. Prevents rust on pool cover studs
. Removes wax from nonskid surfaces on boats
. Removes bike skid marks from driveway
. Protects HAM radio antennas from moisture
. Clean tree sap from boat windshield
. Lubricates window hinges on horse trailer
. Lubricates axles of golf cart
. Removes tape from hockey stick
. Cleans bottom of coil on metal detector
. Cleans and lubricates caulk holes in horse screw caulks
. Lubricates hinges on plastic coolers
. Protects bayonets from rust while stored in sheaths
. Refurbishes antique fishing lures
. Cleans gunk from hiking boot treads
. Cleans golf cart seats
. Cleans gunk from rollerblade bearings
. Removes fish slime from tackle
. Removes scuff marks from slides and climbers
. Cleans and lubricates remote control model helicopter
. Cleans lake sludge from fiberglass
. Cleans and protects boot buckles
. Removes pine tar from baseball bat
. Removes grass stains from softballs
. Protects trucks on skateboards
. Cleans and polishes cooking kettles
. Spray on anchor chain to keep from rusting
. Cleans pool cue sticks
. Removes ball marks from aluminum baseball bats
. Cleans gum out of skateboard axles
. Cleans runners on slot cars
. Cleans grime from boat mats
. Protects metal fencing blades
. Removes sports tape from uniforms
. Lubricates sailboat sheaves
. Cleans swing arms on dirt bikes
. Removes gum from tents
. Shines bike tires
. Removes scuff marks from rubber edges of tennis shoes
. Lubricates snowboard bindings
. Cleans and protects boating blocks
. Cleans and protects porthole dogs
. Prevents corrosion on radar gear
. Cleans and protects boat hardware
. Cleans and protects brass boat fittings
. Protects jet-ski engine compartment from corrosion
. Cleans and protects adjusting screws on bicycle seats
. Cleans chrome bicycle frame
. Degreases bicycle chains
. Degreases bicycle frame
. Cleans tin-plated parts on model trains
. Removes powder residue and metal fouling from gun barrels
. Protects bore and exterior of gun barrel from corrosion
. Prevents buildup of grease and dirt on portable stoves
. Cleans clogged propane nozzles
. Protects arrowheads from corrosion
. Prevents buildup of grease and dirt on portable lanterns
. Keeps brass boat fittings from rusting
. Drives moisture and mud from duck guns
. Spray on bottom of wet running shoes to drive out moisture
. Helps remove light bulbs from digital scoreboard
. Lubricates bicycle U-locks
. Prevents salt damage on aluminum exterior components of personal watercrafts
. Drives moisture from buckles on scuba diving belt
. Drives moisture from fishing waders after use
. Protects fittings on boat moorings
. Lubricates leaf springs on boat trailers
. Removes moisture between handle & shaft of golf irons
. Spray golf shoe spike threads to prevent rust from forming in sockets
. Lubricates model airplane linkages
. Cleans and protects dune buggy rotor caps
. Drives moisture from wet bicycle chains
. Drives moisture from fishing tackle
. Coat rubber ties on boats to keep rubber from drying out
. Spray on golf gloves to stop them from drying out
. Protects kite line
. Lubricates joints of artist's easel
. Keeps top line guides from freezing on fishing rods when ice fishing
. Keeps moisture and corrosion from building on the control cables of model airplanes
. Drives moisture from lifejacket turnbuckles
. Drives moisture from gyro compasses
. Drives moisture from bicycle gear shifting cables
. Drives moisture from bicycle chains after washing
. Drives moisture from bicycle bearings
. Drives moisture from tire air nozzles after washing
. Spray on arrow feathers to keep them water resistant
. Drives moisture from moving parts of compound bows
. Lubricates extensions of pool cleaning pole
. Lubricates weight machine pulleys
. Loosen stuck golf cart parts
. Frees locking pins on tiller
. Lubricates paddleboat axles
. Loosens lock on golf cart shed
. Keeps winch cables rust-free
. Cleans table tennis rackets
. Frees rusted locks on tackle boxes
. Lubricates retractable legs on "standing" golf bags
. Lubricates auto cocker on paintball gun
. Spray on rudder to prevent corrosion and loosen stuck parts
. Removes algae from canoes
. Lubricates sports bag zippers
. Lubricates windsurfing gear
. Eases installment of rubber hand grips on home exercise equipment
. Helps lubricate chin strap snaps on football helmets
. Loosens football cleats for easier removal
. Removes rust from sled runners
. Keeps stationary bicycle pedals from squeaking
. Stops squeaks on elliptical machines
. Removes stickers from arrows
. Removes crud from antique guns
. Helps break in shoe portion on new roller skates
. Lubricates swivels on fishing lures
. Drives moisture from boat trailer lights
. Lubricates foosball table axles to make figures move better
. Lubricates tent pole twist locks
. Lubricates transmission buttons on old boats
. Unsticks stuck boat horn
. Lubricates flywheels on "spinning" cycles at the gym
. Lubricates paintball gun barrel
. Lubricates target turners at shooting ranges
. Lubricates crank on boat lift
. Keeps tap shoes working smoothly
. Lubricates pip pins used to hold outriggers on boats in upright position
. Loosens lugnuts on boat trailers
. Loosens zippers on sleeping bag
. Lubricates craft punches
. Lubricates inner tubes for faster sledding
. Lubricates go-cart linkage
. Lubricates anchor rope pulley on boats
. Lubricates choke lever on boat engines
. Lubricates metal parts of badminton net
. Keeps plastic fishing lures from sticking together
. Lubricates "fine tuner" screw on stringed instruments
. Removes unwanted decals from bicycle frames
. Helps remove stuck freewheel
. Unfreezes pump handle on portable stove
. Loosens screws on old bicycle bells
. Cleans and lubricates BB guns
. Lubricates iso-kinetic workout machines
. Loosens rusted nuts on volleyball net
. Keeps barbells from rusting
. Helps remove rust from pins in weightlifting equipment
. Spray on pump action on shotgun to prevent freezing during cold weather
. Keeps camping gear free of rust
. Loosens hammer locks and chamber of starting pistol for track meets
. Eases installation and removal of tent stakes
. Loosens frozen boat parts
. Quiets fastening mechanism on snowshoe crampons
. Frees rusted trailer hitch pins
. Lubricates rusty pogo sticks
. Lubricates rusted parts on snowmobile tie-down bars
. Protects football helmets
. Lubricates pedals of paddle boats
. Loosens swivel on bicycle handlebars
. Prevents rust on bicycle spokes
. Prevents rust on bicycle brake threads
. Prevents rust on bicycle frame
. Prevents rust on bicycle brake cables
. Removes lead buildup on guns
. Cleans and protects metal fencing uniform parts
. Stops squeaks on weight bench
. Lubricates gears on exercise bikes
. Loosens chainsaw triggers
. Helps break-in baseball mitts
. Lubricates potato guns
. Lubricates gear sprockets on mountain bikes
. Lubricates joints on golf pull-carts
. Lubricates sail tracks
. Stops squeaks on swing sets
. Lubricates axles on miniature racing cars
. Keeps golf cart wheels rust-free
. Spray on fingers to make smoother finger-spinning for freestyle Frisbee players
. Spray on foosball game parts for easy assembly
. Lubricates tiller arm on sailboat
. Lubricates the steering controls on boats
. Helps break in softball mitts
. Protects ice-fishing auger from rust
. Loosens oar locks on rowboats
. Helps break in leather gun holsters
. Lubricates zippers on bowling bags
. Quiets squeaky boat seats
. Gives bowling balls "less grab" on the lanes
. Lubricates gun strap hardware
. Stops squeaks on backpacks
. Lubricates sling swivels on hunting rifles
. Protects shellfish rakes from rust
. Removes squeaks from sky gliders
. Removes squeak from deer hunting stands
. Lubricates handheld clay pigeon launcher
. Spray joints of metal tent posts to stop creaking due to wind
. Lubricates the oar joints in racing shell
. Drives out moisture from jet ski spark plugs
. Lubricates fishing reel knobs
. Loosens track shoe spikes
. Spray on baseball cleats to make sliding easier
. Lubricates compound hunting bow cam mechanisms
. Keeps boat tires non squeaky and lubricated
. Lubricates wheels on compound bow
. Allows for easy removal of arrows from targets
. Lubricates wheels on portable batting cages
. Lubricates leather gasket of Coleman stove
. Prevents corrosion on boat's battery terminals
. Stops squeaks on rollerblades
. Lubricates stationary bicycles
. Lubricates snaps to make putting on boat top easier
. Keeps the throttle cable on my model airplane working smoothly
. Lubricates folding mechanism of golf pull-carts
. Lubricates bicycle shocks
. Stops squeaks on power air pump
. Lubricates runners on diving board to make fulcrum move
. Removes sap from boat frame
. Eases removal of bicycle training wheels
. Removes grass stains from sneakers
. Lubricates hinges on compartment lids in boats
. Spray on golf club heads before play to reduce drag caused from a lie in the rough
. Lubricates zippers on boat cushion covers
. Removes squeaks from shin guards
. Lubricate sections of telescoping golf ball retrievers
. Lubricates swivel on swing set
. Lubricates baseball pitching machine and prevents rust
. Aids attachment of spars to sail of kites
. Lubricates training wheels
. Cleans mechanical hoist gears
. Stops squeaks on training wheels
. Lubricates amplifier knobs
. Lubricates boat winches
. Drives moisture from a boat's moving screws
. Lubricates sailboat shackles
. Lubricates noisy dock posts on a windy night
. Lubricates bicycle brake pad hinges
. Lubricates mountain bike derailleur
. Lubricates rotating weightlifting seats
. Lubricates inside of handgrips to ease installation
. Stops squeaks on bicycle seat coils
. Lubricates moving parts of rotating CD antennas
. Lubricates folding tent pole joints
. Lubricates cams of compound bows
. Stops squeaks on ski boots
. Lubricates moving parts of cross country skis
. Stops squeaks on bicycle seat posts
. Lubricates folding parts of collapsing golf clubs
. Lubricates drain plug on boat
. Keeps prop shaft from seizing onto the prop on outboard hydroplanes
. Helps removes rust from golf clubs
. Rub into hands before touching lures or bait to disguise human scent
. Spray on sharpening stone to help sharpen speed skates
. Spray onto golf tees to penetrate hard ground areas
. Removes paint from lures
. Cleans and lubricates the main parachute release cables on a sport parachute assembly
. Spray on fishing line to keep line from becoming stiff
. Winterizes boat engine parts to prevent rust and corrosion
. Keeps lures from snagging on lily pads and lake grass
. Cleans lacquer off bronze hardware fittings
. Prevents rust from forming on ski bindings
. Lubricate arrow inserts for easy replacement
. Softens plastic hockey stick blades
. Spray on slip and slide to enable baseball sliding practice indoors
. Removes tar from beach and sand toys
. Lubricates belt drive for golf cart to stop shuddering on startup
. Cleans fox traps
. Lubricates raccoon traps
. Cleans tuner control on am/fm boat radios to get rid of static when tuning
. Removes stickers from surfboards
. Removes duct tape residue from mono-ski seat
. Protects and lubricates tailshaft on boat propellers
. Prevents rust when sprayed on bike scratches
. Softens stiff ice hockey skate boots
. Lubricates rowing machines
. Lubricates racquetball racket grips prior to installation
. Dissolves dirt in water pump of boats
. Removes barnacles from bottom of boats
. Stops ice from forming on horseshoes during riding

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2000 uses wd40

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