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2000 uses for WD40

The uses of WD-40 described on this website were provided to "WD-40" Company by end-users of the product, and do not constitute recommendations or suggestions for use of "WD-40" by "The WD-40 Company". These uses have not been tested by "The WD-40 Company". Consumers should exercise common sense whenever using "WD-40". Always follow the instructions and take heed of all warnings printed on the "WD-40" containers and related packaging.
A link to the official "WD-40" usage document can be found

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• Lubricates manifold heat control valve
• Helps clean sidewalls on tires
• Removes tar from chassis
• Removes decals from windows and bumper
• Removes insects from front grill
• Cleans motorcycle chains
• Removes grease from clothing
• Removes adhesive tape without damaging factory paint
• Helps hone cylinder walls
• Protects corrosion-sensitive areas of car
• Prevents corrosion of spark plug cables
• Shines motorcycle finish
• Removes sludge from outside engine block
• Removes asphalt from trucks
• Cleans grime from engines
• Cleans and protects chrome on cars
• Helps remove brake dust from wheels
• Restores shine on classic cars
• Keeps hitch locks rust-free
• Cleans road oil from rocker panels
• Cleans and protects aluminum rims
• Shines car tires
• Cleans marks from rubber surfaces
• Cleans rusty bolts
• Keeps brake levers clean on motorcycles
• Removes greasy fingerprints from car interior
• Lubricates key holes
• Removes silly putty stuck on car seats
• Lubricates trunk latch
• Spray on snow chains to keep from rusting
• Removes roof mastics from tools
• Removes tree sap
• Keeps car battery terminals clean
• Cleans lock nuts around gate valves
• Unsticks car door during cold weather
• Lubricates car antenna
• Helps remove stubborn rust from tow ball
• Cleans and protects power antennas
• Cleans white wall tires
• Cleans buildup from wood trim
• Removes asphalt from tools
• Lubricates tire air knobs
• Removes glue from leather
• Lubricates valves on fire trucks
• Cleans pigeon droppings from cars
• Lubricates rusted fasteners
• Protects most vinyl surfaces
• Lubricates license plate bolts and screws
• Tones down shine of polyurethane
• Lubricates oil filter gasket
• Keeps tire jack working smoothly
• Cleans reusable air filter elements
• Maintains dashboard
• Removes melted crayon from upholstery
• Cleans and protects rubber boots of drive axles on front-wheel drive vehicles
• Keeps rubber door weather gaskets soft and pliable
• Cleans PVC valves
• Keeps windshield wipers rust-free
• Coat truck bed before installing bed liner to make removal easier
• Removes rust from side view mirror
• Cleans grease from rubber hoses
• Shines and protects bed liner
• Cleans gunk from travel trailer siding
• Lubricates sunroof crank
• Cleans and protects rear view mirror balls and sockets
• Lubricates child safety seat buckles
• Lubricates socket wrench
• Cleans battery chargers
• Lubricates door latch to gas cap
• Displaces moisture from spark plug wires
• Cleans and protects engine compartment
• Keeps glove box lock working smoothly
• Helps clean messes from crevices and holes in clunker van
• Cleans rust from car hood latch
• Removes tar and grease from upholstery
• Keeps trailer hitch receiver and insert looking new
• Keeps RV slides rust free
• Keeps rubber particles from sticking to drag race car quarterpanels
• Buff out scuff marks on bumpers
• Lubricates emergency brake cable
• Quiets squeaky leaf springs
• Helps remove skid marks from cement
• Lubricates go-cart gears
• Gets gunk off steering wheel
• Removes road debris from license plate
• Removes cell phone antenna glue from glass
• Eases assembly of vinyl fencing
• Cleans gummy buildup from steering wheels
• Helps remove protective coverings from new cars
• Removes melted gum from dashboards
• Helps remove vinyl bed-liners
• Removes scuff marks from cars caused by shopping carts
• Displaces moisture from car wiring
• Spray on suspension gaskets to resist deterioration
• Cleans salt-impregnated ice from the soles of my Doctor Marten's boots
• Spray on a rag and wipe steering wheel and gearshift knobs to keep them grease-free and grip-able
• Lubricates rubber bushing
• Cleans gunk from electrical contacts
• Removes carbon residue from spark plugs
• Cleans bugs from rooftop cellular antenna
• Cleans
• Removes gum from floor mats
• Removes grime from cellular antenna to improve reception
• Cleans pin striping tape from car
• Cleans ignition wires
• Frees rusted glove compartment door
• Removes gum from floor boards
• Lubricates linkages on emergency brake release
• Cleans gum from door sills
• Removes crayon from dashboard
• Cleans sand from door joints
• Cleans spare tire mount under pickup bed
• Removes gum stuck in door locks
• Use on swamp cooler to prevent burnout or seizing
• Spray tachometer cables to ensure accurate readings
• Lubricates knobs on air conditioners
• Cleans gunk off snow chains
• Removes melted rubber from exhaust pipes
• Lubricates well crank handle
• Removes crayon from vinyl surfaces
• Removes debris stuck on floor mats
• Prevents oxidation on battery connections
• Removes pine tar from truck bed covers
• Maintains interior
• Spray on a rag and wipe window handles to keep them grease-free and grip-able
• Removes leftover adhesive residue from tape that holds camper shells to vehicles
• Removes road film from brake cables
• Protects cast iron brake rotors when storing vehicle
• Prevents rust on outside of door panels
• Drives moisture out of trunk locks
• Fogs interior of vintage motorcycle mufflers during winter storage
• Keeps car locks from freezing during winter
• Helps protect rubber trunk molding
• Prevents spray nozzles for windshield washers from freezing
• Drives moisture from DC auto batteries
• Drives moisture from electrical wiring in cars
• Protects electrical connections in car/truck engines
• Drives moisture from front struts
• Drives moisture from convertible top hinges
• Lubricates seat belt buckles
• Lubricates ashtray for easy sliding
• Lubricates 4-wheel-drive hubs to ease locking procedure
• Prevents noise on car window tracks
• Frees up sticking carburetor linkage
• Loosens slack adjuster locks
• Prevents antenna from freezing during winter
• Removes dog slobber from dash and seats in vehicle
• Cleans dirt from door latches
• Spray brake button under brake petal to loosen sticky brake lights
• Helps remove broken keys from locks
• Lubricates gears on hand-rolling car windows
• Keeps truck bed anchors rust free
• Lubricates convertible top zippers
• Lubricates automatic seat belt tracks
• Lubricates and cleans check-valves in pop-up headlights
• Lubricates trailer support cranks
• Penetrates stuck brake bleeder valves
• Lubricates car ignition
• Removes grit from windshield wipers
• Lubricates hood release cable
• Lubricates choke linkage
• Keeps cable on spare tire rack from seizing
• Cleans and protects brake shoe mechanisms
• Lubricates speedometer cables
• Lubricates locks on vehicle bike racks
• Penetrates stuck car hoods
• Cleans gunk from pistons
• Lubricates gas cap locks and levers
• Keeps air horn celluloid from sticking
• Lubricates swiveling chairs in minivans
• Frees sticky remote control mirror mechanism
• Lubricates air nozzle caps on tires
• Unsticks electric seats in vehicles
• Keeps pop-up auto lights operating smoothly
• Helps remove window tint
• Lubricates hydraulic lifts on truck bed cover
• Penetrates stuck radiator handle
• Cleans dead insects from radiators
• Lubricates zippers on zip-up car windows
• Cleans cup holders
• Lubricates hand-operated window cranks
• Lubricates choke levers
• Keeps transmission linkages operating smoothly
• Frees stuck fuel door cable
• Cleans and protects seat belt buckles
• Helps remove wire rim wheels that are rusted to axle
• Lubricates rusted oil pan plug
• Helps free stuck battery cables from terminals
• Eases removal of pinion shafts on old pistons
• Restores vintage door locks
• Eases removal of stuck spark plugs from engine
• Penetrates stuck fog light nuts
• Spray battery bolts prior to installation for easy removal
• Loosens rusted oxygen sensor in car exhaust pipe
• Stops squeaks in car strut mounts
• Prevents rust on inside of door panels
• Prevents rust on side trim
• Helps remove hand prints from truck bodies
• Stops squeaks on car doors
• Lubricates car door hinges
• Lubricates motorcycle chains
• Lubricates drive chain on motorcycles
• Lubricates throttle linkage
• Eases installation of rubber exhaust hangers on exhaust systems
• Lubricates auto hood latch
• Stops squeaks on tail pipe hangers
• Stops belt noise on automobiles
• Removes squeak from brake pedal
• Lubricates sun visors
• Stops squeak in alternator pulley
• Stops squeaking on windshield wipers
• Spray aging rubber grommets to eliminate squeaks
• Lubricates mounting bracket for alternator
• Stops squeaks caused by brake cable rubbing against chassis
• Lubricates cipher locks
• Removes wax from motor
• Spray on trailer hitch to prevent squeaks while towing
• Quiets squeaks on automatic sliding seat belts
• Stops squeaks on steering wheels
• Lubricates fuel line remote opener
• Spray inside radiator or fuel lines to slide them on easier during installation
• Protects rubber gasket around the sunroof
• Lubricates windshield wiper linkage
• Stops squeaks on clutch pedals
• Lubricates wire being pulled through a conduit
• Lubricates hydraulic tailgate lifts
• Lubricates automatic side view mirrors
• Eliminates squeak from fan belt
• Lubricates pneumatic door lifters on station wagons
• Loosens stuck butterfly valves
• Unfreezes car doors
• Keeps heim joints free on race cars
• Keeps winch cable lubricated and clean
• Lubricates stainless steel hood latches
• Lubricates convertible top gears
• Lubricates scooter lift
• Lubricates torsion bars
• Spray on rubber intake air ducts to ease installation of fuel injected engines
• Lubricates ball joints
• Lubricates rear shock absorbers
• Dissolves grease
• Drives moisture from flooded engine
• Spray on aluminum cylinder heads to prevent galling and cross threading
• Removes excess wax from rubber bumpers
• Keeps asphalt from sticking to dump truck bed
• Lubricates bearings in wheels on boat trailer
• Removes a Boa Constrictor stuck in engine compartment of cars
• Removes paint rub from another vehicle
• Cleans and protects windshield wiper blades
• Helps to insert cables into cable looms
• Lubricates control arm bushings on front or rear suspensions of autos
• Lubricates rubber wiring grommets to ease installation into fenders/firewall

Home/Garden | Car/Truck | On the Job | Garage/Workshop | Sports/Recreation | Other

2000 uses wd40

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