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2000 uses for WD40

The uses of WD-40 described on this website were provided to "WD-40" Company by end-users of the product, and do not constitute recommendations or suggestions for use of "WD-40" by "The WD-40 Company". These uses have not been tested by "The WD-40 Company". Consumers should exercise common sense whenever using "WD-40". Always follow the instructions and take heed of all warnings printed on the "WD-40" containers and related packaging.
A link to the official "WD-40" usage document can be found

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. Removes crusted gunk from bird cages
. Lubricates metal joints on old wooden toys
. Removes roofing tar from shoes
. Coat electric guitar pickups to prevent rusting
. Removes gum from bottom of shoes
. Use for science project on rust prevention
. Cleans and protects cowboy boots
. Cleans and protects handcuffs
. Cleans synthesizer keys
. Loosens crud around stoppers on antique perfume bottles
. Keeps dog collars squeak-free
. Cleans rusty jewelry
. Removes rust from steam irons
. Removes paint from leather
. Lubricates and improves electrical contacts on model train tracks
. Removes rust from hair curler
. Removes rust from dog tags
. Coat collectible metal toys before storing to prevent tarnishing and corrosion
. Loosens tight propane tank handles
. Shines vinyl sneakers
. Shines bronze sculptures
. Clean spots off shoes
. Lubricates walkers for easier folding
. Protects archeological tools
. Protects combination locks
. Cleans power steering fluid from driveway
. Protects and maintains armor suits
. Dissolves glues
. Loosens caked-on food from stove
. Protects and polishes bronze grave markers
. Protects antique milk can from rust
. Protects gym lockers from steam/water damage
. Removes stains left from silly string
. Restores transparency of plastic shoes
. Prevents rust and cleans Katana swords
. Lubricates hinges of eyeglasses
. Lubricates and protects antique weapons for historical reenactments
. Spray spurs to prevent rust
. Cleans clipper blades in dog grooming shop
. Cleans mud from shoes
. Removes stickers from piano keys
. Removes stickers on CD cases
. Cleans wire rims on glasses
. Protects antique toys
. Cleans potentiometers on guitar amplifier
. Cleans dried oil from antique oil can
. Cleans and protects collectible cans
. Spray on Twister game for more fun
. Clean and polish Alaskan Oil Pipeline at visitor viewing
. Cleans glue from antique bottles
. Cleans and protects mechanisms on music boxes
. Prevents rust on rabbit cages
. Lubricates antique toy trains
. Removes tar and asphalt from soles of shoes
. Cleans and protects shoelace eyelets
. Removes tar from boat tarps
. Cleans gum from shoes
. Cleans and protects ammunition cans
. Lubricates moving parts of Swiss army knife
. Protects stored Kaiser blades from rust
. Cleans bowling balls
. Spray tie down ropes prior to securing load to keep them from scratching truck paint
. Cleans bobby pins
. Keeps missile silo doors swinging freely
. Spray on rag and wipe exterior to help clean CPR mannequins
. Cleans blades of mustache trimmer
. Cleans old coins
. Lubricates vinyl records to prevent skipping
. Cleans airbrushes
. Removes grease from lunch boxes
. Removes spray paint from reflectorized street markers
. Cleans magnifying glass handle
. Cleans interiors of soda machines
. Cleans microphone cables after rental
. Cleans and protects chrome on bass guitars
. Removes ink from hands
. Removes scuff marks from walkie-talkies
. Cleans electrical contacts on slot racing cars
. Cleans and protects antique beer cans from rust
. Shines doll shoes
. Cleans resin from waterpipes
. Shines atlas missiles
. Cleans and protects safe deposit boxes
. Removes stains from hot tubs
. Cleans wood stain from metal step ladders
. Cleans and protects toy trucks
. Lubricates crossbows
. Removes gunk from bookbags
. Gets glue stains out of jeans
. Removes tar from feet
. Cleans burnt oil from exhaust pipes on motorcycles
. Cleans gum from horseshoes
. Shines diamonds
. Cleans gum from turtle shells
. Keeps saddles rust-free
. Protects light sockets from rust
. Lubricates garbage disposal blades
. Drives moisture from pocket watches
. Lubricates pinball machine flippers
. Drives moisture from hearing aids and cleans battery compartment
. Removes stickers
. Lubricates school locker latches
. Keeps dog leashes rust-free
. Quiets squeaky piano pedals
. Lubricates end pins on cellos
. Frees stuck accelerators
. Lubricates handicap lift on minivan
. Spray a little on the tips of "dead" ball point pens to clean them
. Keeps jack from sticking on c-band satellite systems
. Lubricates boot zippers
. Helps remove turntable plates from phonograph record player
. Lubricates stuck parts on vintage 8 mm film projectors
. Lubricates compact mirror hinges
. Lubricates hinge on beer stein
. Lubricates blades on Flowbee hair cutting system
. Unsticks piano keys
. Lubricates adjustment knob on overhead projector
. Lubricates grinder bit on stained glass grinder
. Stops knitting machines from binding
. Lubricates dog nail clippers
. Frees stuck elevator cables on ultralight aircraft (gliders)
. Spray locking rods of portable fire proof safes to keep them operating freely
. Lubricates latches on horse stalls
. Rejuvenates gears on old clocks
. Spray in old radio speaker coil to stop rattling noise
. Lubricates swiveling piano stool
. Lubricates latches on saxophone case
. Loosens end joints on flute
. Removes residue left by double-backed toupee tape
. Removes gunk from lace hoops on work boots
. Lubricates knobs on light shades/lamps
. Cleans
. Lubricates rubber part of sandals for easy repair (putting plastic back into designated hole)
. Reconditions old mining tools hauled in from desert gold mines
. Lubricates crank motors on antique mechanical phonographs
. Lubricates bass drum stands
. Cleans piston valves on horns and tubas
. Keeps clay from sticking to molds during crafting
. Lubricates winding mechanisms on wind-up toys
. Lubricates shifting links on bulldozers
. Unsticks keys on baritone horns
. Removes play-dough from hair
. Lubricates
. Lubricates interchangeable numbers on gas station price placards
. Soak clarinet joints to loosen pins for easy disassembly
. Removes stickers from hummel figures
. Removes adhesive from the tails of show calves
. Removes snarls from horse hair & manes
. Polishes stems of antique lamps
. Loosens rusty security gate hinges
. Protects chains from getting rusty
. Drives moisture from antenna connectors
. Cleans antique guns
. Loosens stuck pocket knife blades
. Cleans and protects CB radio antennas
. Removes tar from horseshoes
. Lubricates antique brass wheels
. Makes rusty piano strings pliable again
. Lubricates wheelchair axles
. Frees stuck purse latches
. Lubricates hinges on crawfish traps
. Loosens stuck keys on TV remote control
. Lubricates hinges of trick (folding) golf clubs
. Lubricates gumball machine mechanisms
. Spray on metal picture frame parts for easy assembly
. Lubricates wood shapers
. Stops squeaks on walking casts
. Spray on watch band to keep it from pulling out your arm hairs
. Lubricates soap box derby wheel bearings and spindles
. Lubricates lift chairs on vehicles
. Cleans rusty doorknobs
. Lubricates piano hammer action in pianos
. Lubricates moving parts on Black Spider Ride in Coney Island Amusement Park
. Loosens strapping tape after a hurricane
. Shines seashells
. Quiets squeaks on baby strollers
. Lubricates rolling cat toys
. Lubricates moving parts of toys
. Stops squeaks on shopping cart wheels
. Lubricates guitar case latches
. Helps lubricate fretboard on guitars
. Lubricates rusty metal coil box springs
. Lubricates flute joints and screws
. Lubricates emergency gear handle on Piper Aztec
. Reduces friction on cardboard box for mini-hockey game
. Lubricates hinges and wheels on toy wagon
. Lubricates ankle braces
. Lubricates rotors on French horns
. Lubricates leg brace hinges
. Lubricates grandfather clocks
. Lubricates wheels on tuba case
. Protects rhinos (a digging tool for fighting forest fires) from rust
. Lubricates bi-fold door locks
. Stops crutches from squeaking
. Lubricates child safety seat latches on shopping carts
. Keeps electric cat litterbox from squeaking
. Lubricates sliding doors on passenger trains
. Lubricates volume control on hearing aids
. Lubricates foot pedals on wheelchairs
. Cleans and lubricates rotary cutters
. Lubricates wheels of Tonka trucks
. Prevents rust on aluminum bird feeder poles
. Lubricates tuba valves
. Lubricates wheelchair gears
. Lubricates rooftop evaporative coolers
. Keeps flight controls for model aircraft in working order
. Keeps telescope swivel moving freely
. Lubricates hinges of birdcage doors
. Frees stuck slides on brass instruments
. Lubricates and stops squeaks in handle of adjustable cane
. Softens stiff leather sandals
. Lubricates pellet guns
. Removes gum plastic stroller wheels
. Lubricates landing gear on model airplanes
. Lubricates and cleans prosthetic arms
. Lubricates metal joints on pool cues
. Removes scum from bottom of drinking glasses. Then wash with soap and water
. Lubricates tuning gears on guitars
. Lubricates flagpole pulleys
. Lubricates dog nail clippers
. Lubricates robot joints
. Loosens arm and leg joints on porcelain dolls
. Lubricates gears on earth-moving caterpillar tractor
. Lubricates shaft of slot machine coin receiver
. Lubricates stuck buttons on push-button calculators
. Prevents detail from sticking to cast material in resin-kit model production
. Gives a great shine to flat surfaces for stock photography
. Lubricates bed wheels for more speed while bed racing
. Removes paint from shoes
. Keeps paint from sticking to glass
. Removes duct tape
. Use in art projects --the way the chemicals and oils react with paint is unique
. Cleans and protects copper pots
. Keeps tackle from freezing during ice fishing
. Removes bees wax
. Loosens old LPs from turntable spindles
. Helps hone stones
. Use can to prop open windows
. Lubricates notebook binders
. Lubricates fingers stuck in hole
. Lubricates coronet valves
. Helps restore antique coffee grinder
. Cleans scuff marks from fiberglass areas on boats
. Removes adhesive from sunglasses
. Spray on cable and telephone lines to keep puppies from chewing them
. Lubricates wheelchair bearings
. Frees stuck hands from narrow bars (stairwells
. Lubricates valves on peck horns
. Keeps pendants from sticking to clasps on necklaces
. Spray electronic TV circuit boards to prevent oxidation before installation
. Creates pretty rainbow formations when applied to empty aquariums
. Removes gum from school bus seats
. Lubricates antique oil can levers
. Spray on bottom on cat pan for easy removal of plastic liner and changing pan
. Removes floodwater marks on paneling
. Cleans gummed up soap trays
. Removes adhesive from bird's wings
. Helps break-in tough hi-top shoes
. Removes adhesive from kayak
. Cleans and protects kettle drums
. Polishes and shines seashells
. Loosens gum stuck to bottom of tables
. Removes peanut butter from dog hair
. Cleans ostrich eggs for craft use
. Lubricates fox traps
. Cleans raccoon traps
. Removes stubborn stuck-on leg wax
. Spray on glass bottles before drilling holes (to make lamps)
. Spray on poster board and let dry to provides interesting texture/base for art
. Cleans vending machine motors
. Spray lightly over stagnant water to keep mosquito eggs from hatching
. Removes extension glue from hair
. Lubricates rubber wheels
. Helps remove stuck prosthetic leg
. Lubricates stethoscope
. Stops squeaks on sliding keyboard holder
. Keeps speaker connections from arching when applied to stereo amplifier
. Gives virtual rocks a clean
. Softens stiff leather dog collars
. Spray on balcony to keep pigeons away (they hate the smell)
. Removes corrosion on outdoor on/off switches

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2000 uses wd40

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