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urban red-neck  (r1d1n1k1) n. Offensive Slang
  1. Although the idea of an Urban Redneck would at first seem an oxymoron, they do exist and are actually quite common. There are basically three different kinds of Urban Rednecks.

    • The Transplanted Redneck is found in urban centers all over the world. His job or his dreams have forced him to leave his native community in search of new opportunities. The Transplanted Redneck remains true to himself and his culture, despite immersion in the urban landscape. A transplanted redneck, or pair of rednecks, may raise a family in the city and retain their redneck characteristics for several generations.
    • The Poser is found all over North America, but is especially concentrated in cities in the Southern United States. These individuals may have no Redneck roots, or even be a transplanted Yankee, but either seek acceptance in their new homes, or have vastly distorted perceptions of the social norms in their adopted communities. The Urban Cowboy phenomenon that started in the 1980s is characterized by individuals in full country & western garb, that have never even been near a horse.
    • The Postmodern Redneck is also found all over North America. The Postmodern Redneck may, or may not, have Redneck roots. As opposed to "The Poser", the Postmodern Redneck has experienced a philosophical transformation in which he rejects modernism and urbanity, in favor of simpler more genuine way of life.
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four wheel drive, mercedes, offroad, rough road, big tires, swamp buggy

Hopped up Mercedes

redneck water sports, country bath, swimmng hole

Uncle Tom

humvee, armor, armored vehicle, army car

Armored Humvee

recreational vehicle, motorhome, life on the back roads

School bus motorhome

inbreeding, inbred family, redneck love


deerblind, deer stand, treehouse, clubhouse

Deer Stand truck

cemetary, caution sign, dead end road, end of the line

Cemetary circle

caution, flood zone, high water crossing

Caution High Water

redneck theft prevention, chain, carlock, theft stopper, red car

New Car Security Device

redneck airlines, redneck travel, redneck air, travel, travel trailer

Redneck Airlines

pc repair, redneck computer, mobile home service

Computer Geek Squad

redneck toilet, maple leaf, toilet paper, paper roll

Maple leaf toilet paper

Jerry Springer, Simpsons, too hot for tv

Jerry Springer Too Hot for TV

redneck air force, arkansas air force, air force one, airforce1

Air Force Rocket Missle

air conditioning, airconditioning, a/c

After Market Air Conditioning

ford taurus, appliance, rerigerator, redneck moving service

Refrigerator Moving Service

atv hauler, all terrain vehicle, cartop carrier

ATV Sports

all terrain vehicle transport, atv hauler, car top carrier

ATV Hauler

autobody repair, automobile repair, bodyshop, car repair

Redneck Auto Repair

auto repair, automobile repair

Redneck Truck Repair

redneck custom truck, bidrectional truck, chevy truck

Redneck Drinking Truck

fishing tournament, trout fishing, redneck fishing hole

Swimming pool Fishing

stop sign, traffic control, stopsign

No Stopping

special forces, armed and dangerous, hickforce,

Special Forces

Redneck Camaro

Monster Camaro

Wedding Carriage

Wedding Limo
Wall Mount Television

Redneck Wall mount Tv

Redneck Jacuzzi
Upscale Outhouse
Lawn mower
Baby Swing
Gas Passer Airlines
Duck Hunting Trainer

White Trash

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