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Assorted Streaming Video Selections

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SNL Harry Potter

Harry Potter after Summer Break

Indecent Proposal, priceless dating

Just Do it!

funny xerox video

A new twist on the xerox.


funny cat video
Funny Cats Video


Farting Preacher

This Preacher wants to be serious

Electric Phenomena

Power Station Swtich

Punked SNL

SNL Punked


Mule is horney

Hot Pursuit!

Military Bombing in Iraq

Bomb explosion Iraq

mexican tourism, illegal aliens, run for the border, cross the border, rio grande, mexican border, border town toot tone ring tone gas tone

Celebrity Jeoperdy SNL

SNL Celebrity Jeopardy

Swing Set Distraction

Playground Distractions


Windows 1.0 OS Advertisment

Helicopter attack

Helicoptor Attack Scene

Redneck home made roller coaster ride

Redneck Thrill ride!

Redneck Dog attacks own foot

Redneck Canine!

Falling out of chair

Secret skirt ID10T

Look both ways  before crossing

Is it safe to cross?

jlo blows, fox news slip up

Fox News Slip up Jlo Blows

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