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Crazy Labels, Redneck Product Labels, White Trash Labels

draines burpers, dog food, dog burgers, crazy labels
Dog Food
dr scorch, dr scholls, shoe liner, soles, odor eaters, crazy labels, shoe liner, shoe pads, redneck foot odor
Shoe Liners
elastic, rubber pickles, redneck pickles, crazy labels
exxon motor oil, excon motor oil, prison job, oil, lubricant, crazy labels, redneck motor oil
Motor Oil
ban, fan, deodorant, personal deodorant, redneck anti perspirant, crazy labels
Anti Perspirent
redneck fabric softner, fatal touch, fatal attraction, crazy labels, fabric softener
Fabric Softener
cheer, fear, feer, deterrent, redneck detergent, crazy labels, all temperature
gillete, grillette, shave cream, redneck shaving foam, burn beard, crazy labels, redneck singeing cream, crazy labels
Shaving Cream
betty crocker, hamburger helper, hamburger belcher, redneck hamburger helper, crazy labels
Hamburger Helper
coaloil herbicidel essence, clairol herbal essence, redneck shampoo, crazy labels
jiff, if peanut butter, peanut plaster, redneck peanut butter, crazy labels
Peanut Butter
coke, joke, cola, redneck soda, redneck beverage, crazy labels, jolt cola, joke cola
Coca Cola
JB, just booze, redneck liquor, crazy labels
gillette, gullotine, trac II, krac II, shaver, razor blade, redneck shaving tool, crazy labels
lite beer, litely watered beer, redneck beer, crazy labels

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