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cheddar cheese, kracked barrel, crazy labels, wood splinter cheese
Cracker Barrel
aim toothpaste, maimed, crazy labels, white teeth, bad breath
M-aim-ed Toothpaste
shrink hemmaroids, shrink glands, surgery, perspiration h, crazy labels
Hemmaroid Cream
baggies, saggies, plastic bags, crazy labels, glad bag
Plastic Sandwich Baggies
ice cream, blue bell, best seal, heavy cream, fat free, crazy labels
Ice Cream
glad bag, tea bag, tea leaves, sad bag, crazy labels, trash bags, plastic bags
Plastic Bags
lipton tea, tea bags, tea leaves, dried tea, crazy labels
Tea Leaves
tylenol, tye one on, ibuprofin, tablets, pain reliever, crazy labels
Pain Reliever
hungry man, swanson, swansong, swan song, full meal, prison food, crazy labels
Condemmed Mans Dinner
sizzle lean, fizzle lean, breakfast, bacon, sausage, swish, swisher, swanson, crazy labels
Breakfast Sausage

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