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cemetary, mortuary, uhaul, grave stone, limo, cadillac, hearse

Take it with you by UHAUL

street painter, state workers, white paint, street markings

BUMPY Spelling

chruch, prayer, priest, methodist, catholic, protestant, religion

Church sign

christmas, tree, noel, ornament

Beer Tree

coast guard, coastguard, seaman, shipmate, lake, boat, cutter

Redneck Coast Guard

corvette, chevrolet, four wheel drive, offroad, buggy, vette

Hot Wheels has nothing on this vette

dishwasher, detergent, licking, tounge

Automatic Dishwasher

drive through, drivethrough, drivethru, drive thru, mobile home, f150

Mobil Drive thru

ferris wheel, amuesment park, wheel, ferriswheel

Arkansas Ferris Wheel

wd40, fire starter, firestarter, flame thrower, spray fire

WD40 Fire Starter

fishing, pothole, fishing hole, swamp, watering hole

Street Fishing

gate, fence, doorway, pass thru, opening

Fenced in doorway

hot tub, hottub, big bath, large tub

Beer and suds

hot tub truck, hottub, sauna, steambath

Old style truck

canine, hunting dog, AHA

Hunting Dog

lawnmower, motorcycle mower, lawn service, landscaping

Highspeed Lawnmower

limo service, general lee, daisy duke, dukes of hazzard

Dukes of Hazzard Limo

measure tape, ruler, beer cans, trout, length

Beer can measurements

porta potty, outhouse, portalet

Portable Toiletry Sevices

plumber, plumbing service, roto rooter

Plumbing service

planter, toilet, porta potty, refuse, outhouse

Landscaping in Porcelin

earnhardt, nascar, 3, dale, race car, daytona raceway, daytona racepark

Nascar Dale Earnhardt

shortbus, offroad schoolbus, shortbus, monster bus

Four wheel drive school bus

special forces, military expansion, iraq, iran, terrorist,

Special Forces Team

snowmobile, snow mobile, tracked vehicle

Snowmobile Upgrade

snowplow, snow plow

Arkansas Snowplow

porta potty, scooter toilet

Porta Potty go-cart


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