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If you have any current, quality pics of the action or soldiers in IRAQ, forward them to me for evaluation. If you include BIO info of any soldiers in the pics, I can add that to the image. Email links or photos to traffic"at"
(please send in either jpg or gif format)

Support our Troops - Foxhole
Support our Troops - Foxhole Sand

saddams palace, destroyed palace, iraqi palace

Support our Troops - Sleep in the road
Support our Troops - Remember 911

mulepack missle, sand missle launcher

USN, United States Navy, United States Military

Support our Troops - Sand Storm

iraq, saddams palace, iran, palace, fishing, mre

Fishing in Saddam Hussein's private lake

US aircraft carrier, us navy, sailor

110lb Bombshell, Blonde Bombshell

Blackhawk, hungarian forces
Blackhawk deployment
troops in the city
sand berm, defensive positiondefensive position in Iraq

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