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Letter from Iraqi Citizens

Give this letter to anyone who thinks that the Iraqi people aren't grateful for the sacrifices that American men and women have made for them. This is something that you'll never see on network television!
Following is the transcribed version of a (PDF) letter from the Office of the Mayor, The City of Tall"Afar.

Dear President Bush,

In my name and on behalf of the people of the city of Tall'Afar, Iraq, would like to extend the utmost thanks, and respect to you and the people of the United States of America for the sacrifices you have made for our city and for all of Iraq to establish a basis of democracy, justice, and freedom.

     Mr. President, I am writing this letter for you on behalf of the 250,000 men, women, and children who have been granted their freedom by the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment, which is part of your great Army, after it was the second base, if not, the first base for the infamous Musa Abu'ab Al Zarkawi in Northwest Iraq. This city was completely held hostage ata the hands of terrorists with an average 6 innocent people killed, and 20 injured everyday. For months, the sky was raining bullets and mortars until the city became a ghost town. Schools and city offices were closed, and even the hospital was inaccessible. The terrorsit's activities went so far as to kill patients in the hospital, fill their bodies with explosives and throw them into the streets to kill more people. Parents were looking at their bloody children in the streets and were helpless to do anything about it. This was the situation in our city, Sir, until the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment with Heroic Colonel McMaster and Heroic Lieutenant Colonel Hickey arrived accompanied by brave officers and soldiers, working side by side with me, the Iraqi Army, and the Iraqi Police, holding high morals and strong convictions, which made us able to destroy the will to fight of the terrorists and then destroyed the terrorists themselves through a unique military operation in September of 2005, which I consider, the cleanest and most successful operation in Iraq and probably all history of war. In that operation, over 150 terrorists were killed, and over 600 were captured, and the rest fled like rats. Immediately after that operation, we have the process of healing the injured city, restoring the services, and reconstructing the infrastructure.

Our city started breathing again, life is being restored slowly, and security is improving. The people of Tall'Afar have grown to love the heros of the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment and have started social relations with them. At the same time, many soldiers have forged many friendships and social relations with the citizens of Tall'Afar. Our city is in intensive care and healing from what it has suffered at the hands of the terrorists. In this critical state, we are shocked to learn that the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment will leave after all these great accomplishments.

Mr. President, we are asking for your compassion, to delay the redeployment of this brave unit until our city is completely healed. It is the hope of all the citizens of Tall'Afar that you will respond favorably to our request. We are asking you, Mr. President, and all the citizens of the United States, to allow the 3rd Armored Calvary Regiment and the citizens of Tall'Afar to have the opportunity to complete the stabilization of the city.

Once again, we are very thankful to you and all our American friends, and special thanks and respect for the families of these heros' who present freedom to Iraq and humanity in general.

May God bless you and help you spread freedom and justice in the world,

Najim Abdullah Al-Jibouri
Mayor of Tall'Afar

Original PDF

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