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2000 uses for WD40

The uses of WD-40 described on this website were provided to "WD-40" Company by end-users of the product, and do not constitute recommendations or suggestions for use of "WD-40" by "The WD-40 Company". These uses have not been tested by "The WD-40 Company". Consumers should exercise common sense whenever using "WD-40". Always follow the instructions and take heed of all warnings printed on the "WD-40" containers and related packaging.
A link to the official "WD-40" usage document can be found

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• Loosens locking mechanisms on ladders
• Cleans resin encrusted table saw blades
• Removes oil from hands
• Removes tar from hands
• Cleans jointer and planer blades before and after sharpening
• Protects tools from corrosion
• Protects bandsaw bearings
• Cleans spray paint nozzles
• Helps fix watches
• Prevents foliage from sticking to pruning shears
• Helps clean metal surfaces
• Shines steel
• Lubricates flashlight battery compartment to ease removal of stuck batteries
• Cleans rusty saws
• Removes pine pitch from table saw blades
• Prevents rust on clamps
• Keeps metal filing tools from filling with lead or zinc
• Spray inside candle holders prior to burning to make candles slide out easier
• Removes Cosmeline coatings from milling machines and other shop tools
• Protects rubber seals on lawn and garden sprayers
• Cleans gunk from safety glasses/goggles
• Softens and dissolves dried manure from work boots
• Spray on hole diggers to make dirt slide off easier
• Protects barrels and metal containers against rust and corrosion
• Drives out moisture from flashlights
• Spray on workbench to keep glue from sticking
• Lubricates and protects bucksaw blades
• Spray on swing blade for smoother cutting
• Lubricates rollers on radial arm saw
• Lubricates slide for box cutter
• Cleans debris from vise-grip
• Cleans heavy lube from bull gears on Drag line
• Lubricates table saw casters
• Cleans bed of metal lathe
• Cleans reloading dies
• Lubricates piano hinges on tool box
• Lubricates fuse box hinges
• Cleans reflectors on fluorescent lights
• Lubricates vacuum cleaner wheels
• Lubricates garage door runners
• Lubricates chalk guns
• Drives debris from rototill bits
• Lubricates sliding power saw guides
• Keeps paint from sticking to paint brushes
• Lubricates and protects snowmobile suspension
• Cleans water stains from outboard motor
• Penetrates and frees stuck buttons on telephones
• Prevents breakage of contact pins and support when changing fluorescent light bulbs
• Removes carbon from burn marks from tile flooring
• Prevents rust on hand saws
• Lubricates miter saw blade
• Cleans transmission valve body paths
• Lubricates oil fan motors on furnaces
• Lubricates log splitters
• Use as pen polish on my lathe turned wooden pens
• Protects drives on wire welders
• Lubricates garage door rollers
• Lubricates pull starter on generator
• Lubricates locks on lawnmower control cables
• Stops squeaks on garage door casters
• Cleans sawdust from wood working tools
• Penetrates and loosens screws on furniture clamps
• Lubricates flyball box trigger mechanisms
• Coat drill press spindle for rust protection
• Lubricates casters on shop vacs
• Cleans and protects jaws on electric drill chuck
• Frees sticky snow blower throttle cable
• Lubricates copsaws
• Loosens height adjuster on lawnmower wheels
• Lubricates diamond cutting wheel on glass cutter
• Keeps rollers on wing slats from binding
• Penetrates and frees up stuck packing glands on water valves
• Lubricates vice handles
• Keeps horseshoes from rusting
• Loosens stuck trailer hitches
• Frees seized joints on satellite dish
• Cleans model T Jacks
• Loosens stuck gas cap on lawn mower
• Lubricates flashlight switches
• Prevents calcium buildup on sprinkler heads
• Lubricates mop bucket casters
• Loosens old nozzle from wet/dry vacuum cleaner
• Lubricates stuck bolts on diving boards
• Keeps gear shifters lubricated
• Lubricates rusted screws
• Keeps table saw arbor from gumming up and sticking
• Lubricates staple guns
• Lubricates table saw runners
• Loosens tight folding chair hinges
• Softens rubber O-ring
• Spray chisels for smooth cutting
• Lubricates worn gear in garage door opener
• Spray on rubber hose to make cutting easier
• Lubricates bassinet wheels
• Lubricates snow blower linkage
• Lubricates casters on power tool stands
• Prevents rust on tripods
• Lubricates joints of folding sawhorses
• Lubricates action on fluid lift gate pistons
• Wipe across heavy laminates to make cutting easier
• Lubricates vintage jukebox mechanisms
• Lubricates gears on RC cars
• Stops squeaks on and protects metal can crusher
• Loosens gummy residue from carbide tipped blades
• Cleans airbrushes after use
• Removes rust from files
• Cleans valves on compressors
• Separates lamination of plastics
• Removes gaff tape
• Lubricates armatures of vacuum cleaners
• Keeps rubber snow blower blades free of snow buildup
• Eases twisting of wire
• Winterizes lawnmower to prevent freezing and rust while in storage
• Spray on bottom of garage door to keep it from sticking to concrete during winter
• Protects chainsaw blades before storing

Home/Garden | Car/Truck | On the Job | Garage/Workshop | Sports/Recreation | Other

2000 uses wd40

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