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red-neck  (r1d1n1k1) n, as enny fool kin plainly see. Offensive Slang

Used as a dispariging term for a member of the white rural laboring class, especially in the southern United States. A white varmint regarded as having a provincial, cornservative, often over blown attitude.

Noun : a poor white varmint in the southern United States

An often dispariging varmint whose behavior and opinions are similar to them attributed to rednecks
- redneck also red·necked / adjective

Synonyms : backwoodsman, bore, bumpkin, clod, clodhopper, clown, corn-fed, country fella, country cousin, countryman, farmer, hayseed, hick, hillbilly, jake, mostback, mountaineer, peasant, provincial, redneck (offensive), rube, rural, wahoo, yokel, cracker, clodhopper

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Redneck toddler, bigteeth pacifier

Baby Pacifier

elevated house, redneck penthouse, highrise, penthouse,

Redneck Condominium

sleeping dogs, home security, porch, alarms, country home, wooded area, lazy day

Arkansas Home Security

car wash, cow bath, jet wash, steam cleaner, moo, milk

Redneck Car Wash

redneck, dog, canine teeth, bigteeth, labradore, canine

Redneck Hound dog

dogs on car, cartop, canine protection, car alarm, automobile security

Redneck Car Alarm

house trailer, mobile home, hillside resort, mountain home, house leveling

Mobile Home High Rise

toiletry, toilet bingo, horesshoes, cowboy bingo,

Redneck Horse shoes

street markings, sotp, stop
Redneck Avenue

Recreational vehicle, RV, motorhome, camper, mobile home,

Redneck Motor Home

belly flop, swimming hole, cement pond, swamp, clay, belly flop, swimming

Redneck Olympics

speedometer, speeding, highrate

Redneck Dashboard

radar, speed control, horesback, mountie, mounted patrol, police zone, radar controlled, xband, kband, yband, speeding, ticket

Redneck Radar

Tabletop, boating, outboard, express

Redneck Speedboat

beer, coors, windchime, chime, wind, musical cans, homemade, beer can chime

Redneck wind chime

bass fishing, bass boat, ocean liner, chriscraft

Redneck River Raft

camper, RV, recreational vehicle, camping

Redneck Camper

camper, campsite, camping, rv

Redneck Camper

campfire, campsite, open fire, shopping cart, camping

Redneck Barbeque Grill

trampoline, bounce, moving service, van service

Redneck Moving service

trout fishing

Redneck Fishing Hole

swimming pool, truckbed pool, plastic tarp

redneck swimming pool

swimming hole, swimimng pool

redneck swimming pool

truck, bath, swimming pool, plastic bath, waterhole, cheap pool

redneck swimming pool

el camino, short bed pool

redneck swimming pool

weather station, weather forecast, weather rock

Weather Forecasting

strip mall, church and tires, bible study, tire shop

Tire shop bible school

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