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The "Priceless Ferrari"
New Ferrari Enzo $1 Million dollars!
Full Coverage Insurance, none
considering you can afford $1 Million for a 2 seater car.
Letting your son drive your new Ferrari... Priceless!

Waiting list for a new Ferrari? 2 years.
When can son drive Dad's ferrari again? Not in this lifetime.
When will kid not be grounded and see the light of day?
Same day the polar ice caps completely melt into the sea.
But he is still alive.... and that, truly is Priceless................

Car only had 9 miles on it !... That's over $100,000 per mile.
The last mile was during the wreck.

ferrari enzo, showroom, million dollar car
Ferrari Enzo

4 lane road, damaged light pole, damage telephone pole, ferrari crash
Million dollar Telephone Pole

ferrari engine
Anyone misplace their Ferrari?

Priceless ferrari crash scene
A priceless stretch of road

ferrari crash scene, priceless crash
Used Ferrari parts available

smashed enzo, smashed ferrari
ferrari engine on the street

priceless ferrari crash
Red Ferrari crash

ferrari wheel and tire
ferrari enzo wheel and tire for sale

Ferrari priceless crash
broke down ferrari

smashed up ferrari Ferrari Crash

Ferrari Enzo Crash, save the enzoFerrari Enzo Crash, save the enzo

ferrari racing seats
2 Seater Sports Car

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