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How about that particular commercialization scheme used by a certain pharmaceutical company advertising how a certain male enhancement drug will improve a mans life?  These stupid commercials were one of, if not the first, that I have seen which play back to back.  Is a repeat of the same commercial, (which I didn’t listen to the first time) supposed to brainwash me faster than a single play of it every half hour?  “Bob” is a stupid looking little geek that could only get laid by someone as ugly as the woman who portrays his on camera wife, or maybe a hooker. 

enzyte bob, enhancement, pharmaceutical

Ok, having self confidence is something, and it can be a good thing but, would you ever expect any man to tell you that he was so embarrassed at the supposed small size of his manhood that it held back his life?  Or better yet, the guy who says his large manhood made him rich.  Are you ashamed of showing yourself in the locker room? Break out the weights and gain some muscle; muscles are something you could showoff everyday.  

Let us suspend disbelief for just a moment, and accept that this wondrous drug actually exists.  What man really wants to hear that Bob has a small lower extremity?  These commercials would have you believe that everyone can tell that this wonderful drug has enlarged his undersized genetalia and now his life is wonderful.  Manhood enlargement, which is actually available via surgical procedures, is certainly not the end all to the little miseries of life.  These ridiculous ads for erectile disfunction can only be surviving due to the fears of (some) men who think that they have a small manhood.  Who really believes that a drug can actually make a particular body part larger?  Suppose for just a moment, that this male enhancement drug actually works. If you stop taking it, would your lower manhood get small again? As a manufacturer of this drug, wouldn’t you want consumers to have to take it for many years?  Why would you create a drug that works so well, the results occur in a short period of time and then be permanent?  The whole thing is funny really - Suppose there was a cream that makes 'it' bigger, rub it on and 'it' will get bigger... Wouldn't that make your hands get bigger too? Now, I don’t know if this drug or any of the copycat drugs ever make claim to how long it takes to be effective or if the supposed results are temporary or permanent.  I suspect they are mostly hype and expect that the users will believe and convince themselves of the effect, commonly know as the ‘seat of the pants’ effect.  Should it not work, how many of them are going to face possible ridicule and embarrassment of saying it didn’t work and that their male parts are still just as small as they ever were?  

happy times, medication for happiness

 Even if that were possible, wouldn’t there be a drug for women to make their chest size larger too?  Well, some company actually tried that; Bloussant, I think is what it was called.  Chest size enhancement through modern medicine; again surgical procedures are the only thing that actually works.  The commercials for that crap didn’t last long; maybe most women are smarter than most men; or at least less gullible.  Reportedly, when suckers called to order Bloussant, they were not surprisingly, being offered more crap made, and or marketed by the same company.

For Release: July 10, 2003
Marketers of Bloussant Chest Enhancement Product To Stop Making False and Unsubstantiated Claims FTC Settlement Requires the Defendants to Pay $3.2 Million in Consumer Redress

Infomercial marketers Wellquest International, Inc. and Tony Hoffman Productions, Inc. (THPI) and others have agreed to settle Federal Trade Commission charges that they made false and unsubstantiated claims for three products - Bloussant, sold for mammary enhancement; EnerX, sold for men's virility, and D-Snore, sold to relieve snoring - in violation of the FTC Act. The defendants also have agreed to settle charges that they made misrepresentations and failed to disclose material terms in connection with third-party buying club memberships they "upsold" to consumers after the consumers agreed to purchase Wellquest's products. The proposed settlement requires the defendants to pay $3.2 million in consumer redress and to possess scientific substantiation before making certain claims about dietary supplements, foods, drugs, or cosmetics. The settlement also requires the defendants to comply with the FTC's newly amended Telemarketing Sales Rule.

bloussant, enhancement, mammary

"Marketers must have rigorous scientific substantiation for the claims they make," said Howard Beales, Director of the FTC's Bureau of Consumer Protection. "In this case, the claims were inflated, but the science just wasn't there."

 Up selling, as it is referred to, is an attempt by most marketing agencies to sell a potential customer additional product or products after or during the sell of a given product.  The additional products are sometimes offered at a reduced rate and are only available at the immediate offering.  Tonics, snake water, miracle cures were popular in the 1800’s when people didn’t know any better and the only thing they were getting was a buzz from the cocaine or morphine that was added to the so-called cure.

Commercials in general, are being dumbed down constantly.  Is this a statement that society is gradually becoming more and more stupid?  Don’t be fooled, these spokespeople are actually being paid to say those ridiculous things.

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