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One outstanding feature of the white trash population feature, is the constant dumbass facial expression. This look varies from the "happy-dumb," the "angry-dumb," to the "confused-dumb." In some cases, the a given dumb look given by the white trash male, is based on actual ignorance, while in other times, it is a poor attempt at pretending to be ignorant.  Males (and some females) support a thin mustache, sometimes referred to as a "trash-stache" which can simply indicate a lack of shaving due to a lack of actual growth or more likely, not knowing how to use a razor.  The white trash male typically sports an unwashed mullet type hair style, while females typically have long, unkempt hair draped behind them.  The mullet is a laughable hair style which features excessive length in the back with shorter lengths on the sides and top.  A similar style known as Hockey Hair has been reported in Canada.  The mullet hair style is frequently feature by both the male and the female white trash population.
A typical encounter with the white trash male usually includes long, greasy hair, a 'trash-stache,' and a half-grown beard.  Some white trash males are generally unable to grow decent looking facial hair, which can stop them from shaving. Their hair is generally unkempt in nature, not trimmed, and generally thickest around the adam's apple. There is no form or shape to the facial hair, is longer in some places than in others, and generally hideous to behold.
Another major facet of white trash is in the abundance of hickeys in the neck area. Now, this is usually a status symbol for teens, yet as most people outgrow this need to show off, the white trash male, and in some cases, the white trash female continue to sport these emblems of misplaced love.

  • Behavior

The white trash populace is generally loud and noisy. Whatever they are saying seems to be important enough for everyone within earshot to hear. They can be obnoxious and rude, garnering scorn and ridicule from everyone except their fellow white trash. White trash language is often times incomprehensible as it falls into a mixture of hyper-slang and guttural noises. "Twangs" from regional dialects are implemented; often purposely supposedly these twangs are more of a comfort factor than anything else.  The work ethic for white trash is typically low, they get poor grades because they won't try, and they don't seem to care, about anything. White trash won't or can’t go to college and the ones that are employed, are usually found in blue collar jobs with little room for advancement.

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  • Preferences

There are three main music groups white trash favor: rap/r&b, country, and heavy metal. The rap/r&b affinity earned white trash the moniker "wigger." A majority of white trash fall under this category, which is influenced by the inner city, black youth culture. The term "Hick" generally refers to country music influenced white trash that like to pretend they're cowboys or farmers. Bands such as Korn and Metallica are often popular with white trash mainly because of the abundance of swearing and general foul language.   In their spare time (which is abundant), white trash enjoy drinking, smoking, doing illegal drugs, and procreating.  Little time is spent doing anything else, or trying to find a means to do them. After doing one or more of these acts, white trash will then undertake random acts of violence, destruction of property, or general idiocy. Many lawbreakers on the TV show "COPS" are white trash. Some white trash will resort to playing sports (typically basketball) if nothing else is available.
Wiggers can also be found in primarily Hispanic and/or East Indian communities, but there are generally more "ginos" found in these areas. "Gino" is not a derogatory term aimed against the Italians, it is a term used for persons mainly wearing tear-away Adidas track pants, tight shirts, and with hair containing more oil than the Exxon Valdez. Ginos perfer to drive lowered Honda Civics with wide wheels," tinted windows, fart pipes and expensive stereo systems. The music they play tends to be abstract; they put the bass all the way up, and the treble all the way down, so that the noise that comes out of the speakers is basically what you would sound like if you talked with your open hand firmly pressed against your mouth. Gino Beats is the crappy music they play in their cars, while driving with a meaningless head bob.
A favorite gathering place of the adult white trash population is bars.  Other examples of White Trash gathering places include but are not limited to:
Nascar Races
Tractor pulls
Monster-truck Rallies
Professional Wrestling Competitions
Garth Brooks Concerts
Insane Clown Posse Concerts
Willy Nelson Concerts
Farm Aid (or any benefit concert pertaining to agriculture)


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