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Area 51 | Bob Lazar Interview 1989


Bob Lazar Interview 11.21.1989 Pt.3

Part 3 <--


Goodman: Like, how was it sitting, like on a bottom like...?

Lazar: Yeah, it was actually... There weren't tripod legs. It was actually resting on the bottom of the disk.

Goodman: Wow. Were there people milling around it?

Lazar: Not at the time that I walked up to it. There were people in the area, yeah.

Goodman: Is that the only one you ever saw, by the way?

Lazar: No, I saw the other ones, but at a great distance.

Goodman: Oh, I see. What were they doing?

Lazar: They were just parked in the hangers.

Goodman: Like an airplane.

Lazar: Yeah, essentially.

Goodman: You never saw them land or take off.

Lazar: No, no, never. I don't even know if they were operational.

Goodman: Oh, okay. Bob Lazar is my guest, and let's go and talk with Deadhead Dean. Deadhead Dean. Hello, Deadhead Dean. Go for it.

"Deadhead Dean": Yeah, hello. First of all, Bob Lazar, I'd like to saythat I feel for you about that phone call a couple of minutes ago, about they wanted to investigate you some more.

Lazar: Well, thanks.

"Deadhead Dean": But, to get to something else that's sort of technical, I took a class in quantum physics in college.

Lazar: That's a fun class, isn't it?

"Deadhead Dean": Well, it was for me, but we studied a lot about gravity, and there's a question I want to ask you--It's a little technical.--just to see if you can tell me anything, if you know anything about it. But of course we studied about gravitons....

Lazar: Okay, the theory of gravitons is wrong.

"Deadhead Dean": Well, that's what I was going to ask you, if you knew anything about it.

Lazar: Yeah.

"Deadhead Dean": Because what we were told is that...

Lazar: But physics has always done that. Where there is a question, they create a particle. You must know what I am talking about, photons and things like that.

"Deadhead Dean": Right. Well, see, what I was going to ask you was, if you had found or read anything that confirmed the existance of gravitons.

Lazar: No. Everything denied the existance of gravitons. In fact, gravity--I don't know if this is the first time I've said this.--There are actually two... Gravity is a wave, and there are actually two waves that are misconstrued as one force. They're called Gravity "A" and "B."

"Deadhead Dean": So, what's your general attitude about quantum physics, the quantum theory?

Lazar: Well, you know, that can last all night. You know, it's... If you want to talk to me privately about that, I'd be happy to talk to you.

"Deadhead Dean": Yeah, because I'm interested in how it connects with the grand unified field theories, because, you know, we were sort of told that, you know, if we could sort of confirm the existance of some of these quantum particles we could fit it...

Lazar: Right. There are...

"Deadhead Dean": Anyway, I think I got the answer about the gravitons.

Lazar: If... I don't know how you... I don't want to say my number over the air. That would be a disaster.

"Deadhead Dean": Right, right.

Lazar: You could write in care of the station, and Billy could get it to me and I could write back to you. But the unified field theory is a lot more simple... Like they say, the beautiful theory will be the unified field theory, and it is essentially a lot simpler than physics is after right now.

"Deadhead Dean": Okay, there's just one very quick thing. I heard you on the news program, at one point you said that the craft you saw, the extraterrestrial craft, were from another solar system completely. Do you believe that because you know where they are from, or because you just ruled out that any of the other planets in this solar system are habitable.

Lazar: No, that's because I know where they're from.

"Deadhead Dean": I see, okay, that's all I wanted to know.

Goodman: Hey, Deadhead Dean, great questions.

"Deadhead Dean": Yeah, thanks for coming forward, Bob.

Lazar: Well, thank you.

Goodman: Take care, guy. Bye-bye. Deadhead Dean. Boy, those were great questions, huh? You enjoy that stuff?

Lazar: Yeah.

Goodman: I mean, these people know what they are talking about. Guess who's coming up next? An aerospace engineer, standing by in Los Angeles. And we'll talk with him, and you'll hear the exchange between the aerospace engineer and Bob Lazar, right before your very ears on your Billy Goodman Happening. Stick around for it on KVEG.

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[Caller's introduction missing from transcribed tape.]

"Leonard": Fine.

Goodman: Good.

"Leonard": Say listen, Billy. I read about your progra here in a local newspaper some weeks back, and I just started tuning in the other night.

Goodman: Well, I'm glad you have.

"Leonard": I'm an aerospace engineer, and I'm interested in virtually anything that flies.

Goodman: Terrific.

"Leonard": I've got about 25 years in the business, and I worked on a lot of fighter planes and mostly commercial transports, and I've heard a lot of people call into your show and also some other shows with trans-atomospheric vehicles going to Venus, this sort of thing, and [laughs] and it always [releases] kind of a chuckle in me.

Goodman: Okay, do you have a question for my g--...

"Leonard": [indecipherable] three vehicles. One is a single stage orbital vehicles that's supposed come back down, not go to Venus.

Goodman: Okay, but do you have a question for my guest tonight?

"Leonard": Yes. I was going to ask Bob, physics is kind of a hobby of mine, and I just... I've been reading a book by Reichenbach, Hans Reichenbach on the theory of space-time geometry.

Lazar: Uh-huh.

"Leonard": And Reichenbach states that--this kind of surprises me, as I say this is kind of a hobby of mine, I'm not really a physicist, I'm more of a metal bender but--that time is not the fourth dimension. And I'm wondering, you say this vehicle has three gravity generators on them.

Lazar: Right.

"Leonard": Oh, what does it use to generate this intense gravity field. Is it neutron stars, or [laughs]...

Lazar: No, no, the gravity generators generate the gravity themselves.

"Leonard": I was being facitious there when I said neutron stars because as far as I know the only thing that could generate gravity is massive bodies.

Lazar: Right, that is the only thing that you know [laughs] that generates gravity, yeah.

"Leonard": And I was just curious as to how this sort of thing worked, and I could understand how they would bend space-time and lens it, but the thing that bothers me is you say that it stretched space-time and then the vehicle follows the space-time, continually you'd say, I guess?

Lazar: Not continually. It essentially attaches itself to the distorted portion of space-time.

"Leonard": Uh-huh.

Lazar: And then follows... returns with the distortion. It's quite a bizarre... You kind of see what I'm saying? It's quite of a bizarre thing to think about.

"Leonard": I begin to see a glimmer here. This is the most fascinating thing I've heard.

Lazar: It is. It's... I mean, it's... I would have lived up there. I would have worked for no pay. It was just so fascinating to me, and I just became enveloped with it. It's essentially new physics. There's a lot that's very difficult to grasp. There's no three dimentional analogies. There's a lot of current theories--the superstring theory, if physics is a hobby, you've read about that?--You know, they go into eleven dimensions and things like that.

"Leonard": And higher.

Lazar: You begin to grab at straws after a while. Every time you get stuck, you say, well--oh, another dimension will handle that, and you go on and on and on. And the same thing with particles and it's...

"Leonard": They've concluded now there's only three generations of particles, and I was wondering what you thought about that, because gravitons and these super-luminal particles would have been the fourth generation.

Lazar: You mean the generations like the leptons and so forth?

"Leonard": And the quarks.

Lazar: Yeah, okay. Well, a quark, you know I can argue about quark theory, too. You know, there again, that's a tremendous discussion in itself.

Goodman: All right, Leonard, thanks for the call.

"Leonard": Oh, okay, well thank you.

Goodman: Okay, yeah, that's great stuff. Aerospace engineer talking with a physicist, right here, right before your very ears. We're talking with Bob Lazar. We're going to take a little break for some news. You guys get up, stretch you legs, relax, and we'll come back after new with more of your questions for Bob Lazar, the scientist who has revealed tonight for the first time that, there are no spaceships at Area 51. They're at S-4, which is like 10 miles south of Area 51. So if you're heading on up to Groom Lake tonight, you know, and you get to the 29-1/2 mile marker, don't look straight ahead; look to your left. You're liable to see something buzzing out there. What's tonight, Tuesday? No, tomorrow night's the best night. He says Wednesday's probably the best night. But you're listening to Billy Goodman Happening. We'll be here until one o'clock or until they come to take me away, which ever comes first. And we'll be talking more with Bob Lazar. Let's remind you that tomorrow night, two guest coming on: Micheal Calum , Micheal Calum , who's getting involved with this UFO phenomenon. And Michael Calum of course is a movie star out of "Double Exposure." He was in "Cat Ballou." He originally was in "West Side Story." We'll talk about him, and then after that Crista Tilton. She'll be back, and she'll be talking about her abduction and her underground excursion, things of that nature. That's coming up tommorow night. You stick around for that. Of course, on Thursday night, we have James Tollison with the Free Enterprise System. And Friday night, Bill Cooper. Those are some of the things you might want to put down on your calendar. We're going to take a little break for news. We'll be back right after news with more of your Billy Goodman Happening.


Goodman: Ah, you got us. It's the Billy Goodman Happening direct from Las Vegas, and my guest tonight is Bob Lazar. Bob is a scientist. Now where are you actually working right now, Bob?

Lazar: I'm just... I have my own company.

Goodman: Okay, so are you like inventing things? What do you do?

Lazar: Ah... I'd rather not say.

Goodman: Okay, that's your priviledge, sir. I just thought I'd give you, you know, a plug and then you get some business out of it.

Lazar: Well, I still conduct business with the government in a technical aspect.

Goodman: That was like a consultant type thing, maybe? Does that fit in there?

Lazar: You could say that.

Goodman: Okay, I will, if you don't mind. All right, let's go and talk with E.T.C., whatever that means. Etcetera, or whatever the case may be. Hello, E.T.C.

"E.T.C.": Yes, good afternoon, or evening.

Goodman: Whatever.

"E.T.C.": Bob, it's great to talk with you.

Lazar: Thanks.

"E.T.C.": Let me ask you something. Does M-42 mean anything to you?

Lazar: M-42. [Pause.] Not off the top of my head.

"E.T.C.": Okay, very good. How do you rate Hawkings?

Lazar: Steven Hawkings?

"E.T.C.": Yes.

Lazar: Well, there's... There's a lot I could say about him. A lot of the basic theory is incorrect, but he's a very thorough guy. Have you read his book?

"E.T.C.": Yes, I have. I'm an experimental researcher, and I'm interest-- I think we're in agreement on what your stuttering about. I stutter about him a little bit, too. See, you're a physicist; now how far back do you go as far as travelling backwards through time? Can you go to the Big Bang theory and then subscribe to it?

Lazar: Ah... I'll go with the Big Bang theory, but there are so many other variables, so many other things really could have happened, I don't... You know, that's more of a cosmology [laughs] viewpoint. I'm concerned mainly with particle physics, high energy physics and that sort of thing, but...

"E.T.C.": Well isn't that where it all begins?

Lazar: Yeah, it is. But when you're talking on a macro scale like that, you're sliding out of my field of expertise. I do subscribe to the Big Bang theory. There was a Big Bang. Where the initial particle came from, you know there's a great debate about that.

"E.T.C.": Could you give me an estimate... creation versus evolution. Was the Big Bang a part of an evolution or was it part of a creation? And was there a creation or evolution before that?

Lazar: Well that's a chicken or the egg question to me. I would say that the Big Bang was followed by a natural evolution, though I don't believe things just evolved to where everything is now without interaction. Does that...?

"E.T.C.": Very good. I guess I'm going back too far. You seem to be a very logical scientist to me. You don't want to go out on a limb on theories. You want to stick to the facts.

Lazar: I'd really rather do that.

"E.T.C.": And that's very good. And what is the facts to you? How far can you really trace us back, trace your science back to absolutes, where you drop off from absolutes into your theories?

Lazar: Probably from the instant of the detonation of the Big Bang.

"E.T.C.": Okay, that's the microseconds, right?

Lazar: Well I'd say even before that.

"E.T.C.": Okay, very good. Do you feel the new telescopes coming up into space will help solve that mystery?

Lazar: Oh, yeah... It'll certainly pose a lot more questions, though.

["Time up" tone.]

"E.T.C.": Yeah, I agree. Hey, it was a great pleasure. Thank you.

Goodman: Thank you E.T.C. What is this Big Bang theory. I can hear everybody all over the West Coast: Billy, ask hi what the Big Bang theory is. What is the Big Bang theory?

Lazar: Ah... Essentially how the universe was initiated.

Goodman: Oh.

Lazar: I think the way that was detected was, someone looked and just happened to notice that all the galaxies were moving away from a certain point at certain speeds, and they did a computer analysis and--I'm not really sure how this progressed, but they were able to reverse the directions and everything came to a single point and assumed that there was one time an unbelievably massive particle that exploded and, you know...

Goodman: Like a meteorite type thing, is that what you're referring to?

Lazar: Well...

Goodman: Bigger than that?

Lazar: No, actually smaller than that. It gets really crazy, but it's...

Goodman: Okay. But, I mean, this thing did explode...

Lazar: Right, there was a tremendous explosion, threw everything out, gasses, and things condensed into matter and essentially formed the universe. That's the Big Bang theory.

Goodman: Okay. Bob Lazar is my guest. It's a priviledge to have a physicist, right here in studio, and this is your opportunity of a lifetime to ask him any questions. Bob Lazar actually saw with his own eyes--a given number... How many flying saucers have you seen?

Lazar: Nine.

Goodman: Nine flying saucers, and you know for a fact they did not come from here. Right? Or am I putting words in your mouth, I'm sorry, I shouldn't ask that. Where do you think they came from originally.

Lazar: Yeah, I didn't see them delivered here. My best guestimation is that they came from another, well, another world.

Goodman: And when they are flown in this S-4 area, are they flown by aliens or by military pilots?

Lazar: Well, they're either flown by remote control or flown by, you know, military pilots.

Goodman: Oh, remote control. Oh.

Lazar: Well, I say either remote control or people because I did not actually see who got into the disk.

Goodman: Ah, okay. Did it look like there was a lot of room?

Lazar: A lot of room in the disk?

Goodman: Yeah. Were they that large? I mean, how large were these things?

Lazar: No, there's not that much room inside. Yeah.

Goodman: Yeah, you have to be small, I imagine.

Lazar: Right.

Goodman: Okay, Bob Lazar is my guest. Let's go and talk with--This is going to be a good one.--Space Case. Are you ready for this? Space Case. Okay, Space Case, you're on the air everywhere on KVEG.

"Space Case": Hey, Bob?

Lazar: Yeah.

"Space Case": Nanu Nanu.

Lazar: Nanu Nanu to you.

"Space Case": Now, I got a question. I heard John Lear talking about drugs and hypnosis being used on individuals that are working with the E.T. project. And do you confirm that? And also...


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