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Area 51 | Bob Lazar Interview 1989


Bob Lazar Interview 11.21.1989 Pt.2

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Goodman: There has been a theory, and it's come up more than once, that they can dematerialize or all of a sudden be so quick to get away from you that you lose sight of it, instantly, they say. Is that true?

Lazar: Well, you can lose sight of it without it even moving, because just in view of the way things work when they warp time and space around the craft they can actually... This is the exact reason why you can see stars behind the sun, because the sun has an intense gravitational field and it pulls space around where you can begin to see the star behind it. It's just like in a disk: You can be looking straight up at it, and if the gravity generators are in the proper configuration you just see the sky above it; you won't see the craft there. That's how there can be a group of people and only... some people can be right under it and see it and there can be people 100 feet off to the left and not see it. It just depends how the field is bent. It's also the reason why the craft appear as if they're making ninty degree turns at soe incredible speed. It's just the time and space distortion is what you're seeing. You're not seeing the actual event happening.

Goodman: Okay. Bob Lazar is my guest, and let's go to Roger #2. Roger #2. Hello, Roger.

"Roger #2": Yeah. Hi, there.

Goodman: How are you doing tonight?

"Roger #2": Good, fine. How are you all? I've been watching your show there, Bob, and it was terrific. I really enjoyed it, and I got a couple of questions for you. Have you seen any aliens, there, at the base?

Lazar: You know, I really don't want to talk about aliens at S-4. It's just a weird topic and...

"Roger #2": Well, then, you know three days ago, there was this fellow that came on the Billy Goodman Happening, and he's a worker at Mercury. Did you happen to hear that show, Bob?

Lazar: No, I didn't.

"Roger #2": Well, he's a worker, and he told the story about how he went 3000 feet down into the ground, underground in other words, and when the elevator opened up, it was a stainless steel atmosphere, and he's a worker laying electrical wiring and lighting for this vast complex that is at Mercury. And he's been working there quite a while, but he told of the Marines down there wear six bayonets [?] that herded them into certain areas, kept them out of other areas. And one day he saw some doctors there with white coats on, smocks you know, and they were wheeling along on gurnies some aliens with big heads and small bodies and arms and so forth. And I just wondered if you had heard anything about that?

Lazar: This is at Mercury?

"Roger #2": At Mercury, yes.

Lazar: That's a strange place for that to occur, though I have heard, but do not have first hand experience, of any tunnels and things down there. Certainly, they have very deep tunnels and rooms under there for the nuclear tests. I don't know if they go down to 3000 feet. So, I think someone recently just [was] killed, I think, at 1500 feet underground. Yeah, that was in the papers, so everyone knows they at least go down that deep.

"Roger #2": The information I have is most of those underground areas are about a thousand meters.

Lazar: Yeah, I really don't know how far they go down there. The thing that strikes me as unusual that you said there was a stainless steel atmosphere?

"Roger #2": Yes, that's the way he described it. In other words, they were putting up sheets of stainless steel because apparently they had drilled with soe kind of machine this vast complex underground, and the tunnels, and they had to put something to cover that.

Lazar: Oh, okay, I understand what you're talking about. In fact, I happen to know of someone who drills those tunnels down there.

Goodman: Oooo, all right.

"Roger #2": Hey, these machines, are they the type that go through and push... and compact the earth to the side and have square corners and so forth, compacting, leaving no residue?

Lazar: I really don't remember how the person described it to me. I think it's a 24 foot diameter drill, essentially, that is driven, and it's hydrolically operated and they just drive the thing.

"Roger #2": Yeah, but it must not leave any residue, then?

Lazar: Yeah, probably not. Either that or it channels it out backwards and somehow is relayed out of the hole.

Goodman: All right, Roger #2, thanks for your call.

"Roger #2": Okay. You bet. Thank you very much.

Goodman: Okay, bye-bye. Bob Lazar, Bob Lazar is my guest. He is in studio here in Las Vegas. If you have a question for Bob Lazar, feel free to give us a call. All our lines are kind of tied up right now, but jot down the phone number: 451-5834. From out of state, it's area code 702-451-5834. And, of course, that brand new member line, the one that Jeff used in Canyon Lake, California, is available for you at 702-451-5655. Let's go to Line 5 and talk with Guardian Angel. Hello, Guardian Angel.

"Guardian Angel": Good evening, Billy.

Goodman: Good evening.

"Guardian Angel": You have a wonderful show, tonight.

Goodman: Thank you.

"Guardian Angel": I'd like to ask Bob a question, if he's...

Goodman: He's right there waiting.

"Guardian Angel": ...if he feels secure after he's let this out, if he's had--and I pray not, which I will keep in our prayers--that no one has made any attempt on you at all.

Lazar: Well, they made attempts on me before, but not since... and as far as feeling secure, no I don't. I'm just, I'm really waiting for the repurcussions.

"Guardian Angel": Well, I wish you would really stay close to the show, with Billy. I think we would enjoy talking and asking questions of you, and you better believe they would have to answer to us if all of a sudden you come up wrong.

Lazar: [Laughs.] Well, that's good to hear.

"Guardian Angel": Can I ask a question? You said Wednesday nights are normally when these saucers are seen.

Lazar: Right.

"Guardian Angel": And can I ask you what your clearance was out there at S-4?

Lazar: [Pause.]

"Guardian Angel": I don't need to...

Lazar: Yeah, I'd rather not say because the name is...

"Guardian Angel": Okay, I understand.

Lazar: It's 38 levels above "Q" clearance, which is the highest civilian clearance. What is supposed to be the highest civilian clearance.

"Guardian Angel": Okay, I know what you're talking about. Well, I appreciate asking these questions, and as I said, we as the audience will keep you in our prayers and we pray you will stay close to the station so we can be alert. And Billy, we appreciate your show.

Goodman: All right, thank you. Thank you, Guardian Angel. Okay, Bob Lazar. 38 levels above "Q" level! Oh, my god! We just started hearing about that recently, about the "Q" clearance and what that meant, and you're 38 levels above that. It starts just at "Q" and then goes from there, is that correct? One, two, three... Is that how it works?

Lazar: I don't know what the intermediate levels are.

Goodman: You don't know if there are 37 others; it's just a number they gave you, is that correct?

Lazar: No, there are 37 others. I don't know..

Goodman: There are 37 others! Wow! Okay. Okay, we have a little time to take a break. Sip on some of that coffee you like, guys, and we're going to do some Road Watch America, catch up with a couple of our sponsors who make this all possible. And you, ladies and gentlemen, stick around. We're going to keep Bob Lazar here as long as he wants to stay. Can you stay? Are you in any hurry at all?

Lazar: Only to get to sleep.

Goodman: Stay with us. This is going to be wonderful. You're going to enjoy it as much as everybody else does, and we'll get back with Bob Lazar after these messages.

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Goodman: Okay, Bob Lazar and Gene Huff, Merry Mary is presenting you with something that, in case you have to keep any notes in there, that is an official Space Pen. Now, probably you've heard about those. That's the Fisher Space Pen, the very same one the astronauts and the cosmonauts use. I mean, you'll never need another pen. You can write straight up in the air, on anything--grease, oil, anything at all.

Okay, Bob Lazar is my guest, and let's take some more calls. Let's go down to Scott in L.A. Scott in L.A. And let's see what he has to say and what kind of question he has. He always has good questions. Hi, Scott.

"Scott": Good evening, Billy.

Goodman: How are you doing.

"Scott": Oh, pretty good.

Goodman: Terrific. What's happening.

"Scott": Well, I wanted to talk with Mr. Lazar.

Goodman: I thought that's waht you wanted. Go right ahead.

"Scott": Well, forgive me, I've heard your name thrown about a few times, but I have not been able to see the television program that you were interviewed on in Las Vegas, so I really have no idea, so excuse some of these questions if they don't sound like they make any sense, but I'm trying to understand, how far are you willing to go with the information you're talking about on the air tonight?

Lazar: Not really that far. I mean, my whole purpose was to protest myself, not really to be the one to bring all the information forward and spearhead this whole thing. So, I mean, there have been plenty of people before me, but, you know, it was just to protect myself. The reason I'm doing this here tonight, I've just heard a lot of strange things and some incorrect information, you know, on the show, and I just thought I could clear a couple things up for some people.

"Scott": So in other words, your end goal to taking this on the air is, in other words, just to protect yourself.

Lazar: Yeah, that's my only goal. I mean, it's a selfish goal, but that's what I was thinking of at the time, and it was my only avenue to do this.

"Scott": I see. How open and verifiable is your own background?

Lazar: Well, that's been gone through, and it's a painful experience to go through, to have other people go through your background. I have a colorful background. George Knapp has dug through... Well, I guess you're not familiar with the station out here, the CBS affiliate.

"Scott": I've heard a few things.

Lazar: Well, they;ve rummaged through it. George Knapp even came with me up to Los Alamos, New Mexico, and, you know, saw where I worked and things and spoke to some of the collegues I worked with.

"Scott": Right. What I'm getting at is between... You've already established your goal and determining how far you are willing to go with this. The things you are saying are somewhat fantastic, of course, and I'm trying to determine if you are open to any sort of a thorough background investigation, to be able to determine what you are saying has the possibilities of showing a great deal of truth.

Lazar: Well, I've essentially submitted to a thorough background investigation.

"Scott": Well, by who?

Lazar: Well, the station that did the UFO special.

"Scott": Well, forgive me if I tell you I don't consider that to be too thorough if it's by a station. I'm a private investigator, and I don't know if you're familiar [with] what we're trying to attempt right now, but we have 20 different investigators. In fact, we just brought on someone new up in the Las Vegas area, and we're trying to get to the bottom of this whole matter. We really want to bring out the truth, because there are a lot of stories out there now. And you sound fairly credible on the air, and you're the kind of gentleman that one of us would certainly enjoy talking to, but unfortunately in this sort of subject, one really has to establish some credibility to begin with, and that is the sort of background I'm talking about. Something that would be done by a professional investigator.

Lazar: Uh-huh. [Pause.]

"Scott": Does that sit well with you?

Lazar: Well... As far as the background, that sort of thing, that's currently all being done by, like I said, by the people down at the news station.

"Scott": You see, our problem is that we are trying to put together an effort here to really get to the bottom of this whole thing, to the truth.

Lazar: Right, I understand that, but you have to understand my reluctance of having everyone that calls me want to start off at Ground Zero and go all the way back and go through...

"Scott": We don't consider ourselves everyone.

Lazar: I mean, excuse me, but I do. I mean, everyone has been calling me and my... I mean you can imagine a "Q" clearance is a thorough background investigation. I've had a "Q" clearance for a long time before I ever got into the project out here. But, like I said, I don't want to spearhead everything. My intention was to come on and say what I had to do to essentially protect myself, and I'd just as soon leave it at that.

"Scott": Right, well, we're not looking for a spearhead. We're only trying to get to some end, and the only way we can get to that end are finding people who are coming forward and giving us information that we can verify as being credible. It doesn't necessarily mean it has to be released or any of your integrity or your identity has to be bandied around in the public. It just is a method of helping us get toward the end the we are tyring to achieve.

Lazar: There's just, like, twenty-five people that have the same request as you.

"Scott": Okay, well, I think that our request is probably a little bit different. If you're not familiar with what we are trying to do, I guess I'm at a loss.

Goodman: He probably has no idea what we... Maybe I can touch on that, and, Scott, thanks for the call.

"Scott": Okay.

Goodman: Let me tell you what's going on here. Now, I don't know if it's necessary in your case because you are, like , 38 levels above "Q," as you say there, but there's an investigative force that has joined. Basically, what we were talking about earlier. They are really... It is probably the first legitimate organization that is checking out UFO claims and other claims. Okay? It's the very first one. This organization is out of Southern California, and they have offices out in San Francisco. They have over 20 investigators, and, as Scott just said--I wasn't even aware of that but I just heard that tonight--they now have an investigator--We're talking about private investigators. You know what we're talking about. There's one in Las Vegas. And what they're trying to do is they're trying to amass everything they possibly can, 'cause they want to get to the bottom of it once and for all. And I think--You say you have 25 others.--this might be... I don't know what they need from you. Having a 38... whatever that means, I guess you can show papers, you have a 38 "Q" clearance and that would end it. And it could go forward from that, because you're waying things that I know they want to get into. That's what it boils down to. Okay, Bob Lazar is my guest, and he'd love to talk with you. If you have any questions for Bob Lazar, feel free to call us. Let''s go to, we'll go to "606" and then Deadhead, but first let's go to Kevin in Encino, a new member. A new member. Hello, Kevin.

"Kevin": Yeah, Hi, Billy. How you doing?

Goodman: Fine, Thank you.

"Kevin": I had a question for Bob.

Goodman: Go right ahead.

"Kevin": I was a little interested in the condition and shape of the disks that he claims he saw up in Area S-4, on the range.

Lazar: The condition and shape? The condition, it seemed new, as I said on the TV program.

"Kevin": I did not catch your TV program.

Lazar: Okay, I'm sorry.

"Kevin": I'm a new listener here.

Lazar: It seemed almost brand new, like I said, if I know what a new flying saucer looks like. As far as the shape...

"Kevin": The general configuration.

Lazar: Have you ever seen any of the Billy Meier's photographs?

"Kevin": I've seen a couple, yes.

Lazar: There's one that it bears a striking resemblance to. It's one that I coined the term the sport model. It doesn't have any of those weird protrusions. It's a slim, thin disk with ridges in it, and it bears and incredible resemblance to that. I tent to think that it is that disk.

"Kevin": And approximate dimensions of the...

Lazar: I'd say approxiately 30-35, somewhere in there. About 15 feet tall.

"Kevin": How close were you allowed to the object.

Lazar: Oh, I stood inside the doorway.

"Kevin": Stood inside the doorway, huh? Were you able to determine, possibly, what the metallic makeup was of the craft.

Lazar: No, no.

"Kevin": Okay, well, it's been very interesting listening to you, and we'll continue on with you here tonight.

Lazar: Thank you.

Goodman: Thank you, Kevin. Thanks for the call. Okay, let;s just say... Bob, did you touch it at any time?

Lazar: Oh, yeah.

Goodman: What does it feel like?

Lazar: It feels like ordinary metal.

Goodman: Ordinary metal, really?

Lazar: Yeah.

Goodman: Like what, aluminum-type feel, or what?

Lazar: Well, can you feel the difference between steel and aluminum?

Goodman: No really. Steel is colder than aluminum, I understand, you know, if you really touch it. You can get your fingers to stick to steel.

Lazar: Well, it felt like metal. I mean, I'm not a metalurgist, but...

Goodman: The reason I say that is because there have been many reports--and I guess maybe they're false, now--but they say that it's almost like a very, very thin feel to it.

Lazar: Well, I couldn't touch the thickness of it. I felt the outside of the skin, so it could be a micron thick or a foot thick I wouldn't know.

Goodman: So you never saw the metal itself off to the side; you just saw it all connected.

Lazar: No, not pieces of it, no, just the disk itself.

Goodman: What was the disk doing, may I ask.

Lazar: Sitting there.


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