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ABC News to Tackle "Touchy" Subject - UFO's
Aliens May Be Preparing Us For Ultimate Encounter
Betty Hill Dies at 85
Chicago O'Hare UFO Sighting
David Sereda Petitions NASA for a Ride to Study UFO's
David Sereda Talks About UFOs on Fox News
ET Visitors: Scientist See High Likelihood
Experts Bring Startling Evidence About UFOs to October Conference
Flying Triangle Sightings
Have We Visitors From Space?
Honolulu UFO 2007
Inflation - Theory Implications for ET Visitation
Iranian Government OK's UFO Shootdown
Larry King 2007 - UFO's Are They Out There? (Full Video)
Mars Rover Gets Power Boost (Martian Carwash?)
Mysterious signals light years away
Mystery Fireball in Wales
NASA's Golden Gift to the Aliens: Voyager 30 Years Later
Nasa's New Plans: Positve and Negative
Nick Pope former UK MoD Chief Speaks Out About Alien Attack
Paul Hellyer: Alien Technology Can Save the Planet
Recalculating the E.T. Equation
Retired General Wesley Clark - UFO Expert?
SETI Redux (The New and Improved SETI)
SETI Seeks Private Funding
Space Pioneer Gordon Cooper Dies
Stanton Friedman: We Are Not AloneStar
Star Trek: 40 Years
Tunguska Event: New Details
UFO Crashes in Manchester, UK
UK Ministry Files on UFO Sightings Open to Public
UK MoD UFO Coverup
US Cloaking Device Revealed
Walter Haut: Army Roswell Reporter - Dead at 83
Water Discovered on Extra-Solar Planet
Wreckage From Maury Island Investigation Found?


A Convenant With Death
Abductions Classified
Agents of the Galactic Federation 1, 2
Alexander the Great's UFO Encounters
Aliens Among Us
America West Flt 564 Bovine, Texas
Are Alien Abductions Real?
Aurora Newspaper Article
Aurora Texas Airship 4-17-1897
CARET Program | Part 2 | Update
Cash Landrum UFO Dayton, Texas
Chinese Lantern UFO Mystery in UK
CIA's UFO History
Complete US Underground Base List
Cosmic Deception
Dan Aykroyd on UFOs
Did Aliens Give Us AIDS/HIV?
Disinformation Experts Spread Fear
Dulce - Underground Bases and Tunnels
Face on Earth
Foo Fighters
Flying Triangles - Another Perspective
German Flytrap - Anti-Gravity
Grand Tour: Earth Saucers & Star Wars
I Know the Secret to the Flying Saucers
Invasion of the Mind
Is SETI Barking up the Wrong Tree?
Is There Extraterrestrial Life?
J. Allen Hynek: Father of Ufology
Jimmy Carter UFO Incident 1956
Lake Erie UFO: Video
LIFE Magazine UFO, April 7, 1952
Life will not be like Star Trek (humor)
Men in Black: A History
Michio Kaku Believes in ET
Minot AFB: 1968 Missile Arming
New Mexico UFO Crash Debris
New Zealand Navy Photo of UFO
Orson Welles: War of the Worlds
People Still Seeing UFOs
Peterborough, Ontario Triangular UFO
Project Bluebook Facts
Project Bluebook 1951-1969
Project Condign
Search for ET Life Gets Serious
Spitzbergen, Norway UFO Crash
StarFleet vs. Navy
The Controllers
The Montauk Superman
The OMEGA File
The Phoenix Lights - 10 Years Later
The Phoenix Lights - 1997
The Science of Extraterrestrials
The Speed of Light
The St. Clair County Illinois Sightings
The Underground Empire
The Unseen Kingdoms
The Unveiling
Top 3 Reasons for Humans in Space
Travis Walton 1975 Abduction
UFO Disclosure 2007
UFO Researchers Seek the Truth
Underwater UFO Bases
10 Bizarre Ancient Artifacts
10 Ancient Advanced Civilizations - 1, 2
Alien Life Created From Space Dust
Ancient Indian Aircraft Technology
Ancient Indian Vimanas
Ancient Monolith's - Part 1, 2
Ancient Sanskrit tell of a 4000 B.C. UFO
Ancient Sumeria - Part 1, 2
And There Was War in Heaven...
Author Zecharia Sitchin
Before the Big Bang Theory
Dark Gods
Did hobbits live until 200 years ago...
E.T. & God: Can Religion Survive - 1, 2
Earth Chronicles (Timeline)
Evolutionary Science Fiction
Genesis Revisited
God, UFOs and Stanton Friedman
History of Evolution Theory - Part 1,2
Hobbit - A New Twist - Tools
Hobbit is NOT short, aborigini negrito
Hobbit, Pygmy, or Microcephalic?
Hobbit Sized Race of Humans Found
Hobbits, are they still alive?
Mankind's Need for Religions
Nasa Astrobiology
Planet X (Nibiru)
Spirits in the Sky
Sumerian Culture and the Annunaki
The Dogon People
The Forbidden Legacy of a Fallen Race
The Gods of Eden
The Truth in a Nutshell
UFO's in the Bible




AirForce Report: Case Closed
Before Roswell: Maury Island
Colonel Philip J Corso: An Interview
CUFOS Rebuttal to Airforce Report
Jesse Marcel
June Crain: Roswell UFO Examiner
Little Known Facts about Roswell, NM
Location of Crash Site
Mac Brazel
Mac Brazel Interview
Military Witness to Roswell Crash 2007
Road to Roswell: 60 Years
Roger Ramey
Roswell Cover-up
Roswell Documentary
Roswell Mystery
Roswell Timeline
Roswell Witness List
The Day After Roswell
Video: Roswell Aliens
Walter Haut
William "Butch" Blanchard
Alaska UFO
Apollo 20 Flyover
Arivapa Canyon
Blountville Tenn
Green Bay UFO
Homo Florensis
Houston All-Star Game 2004
Italian Air Force UFO (Video)
Kite and UFO 2005
Mount Saint Helens UFO
New Haven CT UFO
New Jersey Winter UFO
Paris Lights 2007
Phoenix Lights 2005 (Video)
Phoenix Lights 2006 (Video)
Poland: Twin Beam UFO
Rainbow UFO's
Space Shuttle Snowflake UFOs
Space Shuttle UFO
Starksboro VT
Tasmania Australia
Thundercloud UFO
Toronto Speeding Spaceship
UFO Chasing Planes
UFO in Clouds
Whipnet's Unique Collection



Aliens, UFOs and Space Travel
An Alien Harvest: Evidence of Grays
Billy Meier - Pleiadian Contactee
Defining a Close Encounter
Different Shapes of Alien Craft
Different Species of Aliens
Extraterrestrial Conversations
Interaction with Alien Cultures
Intraterrestrial Aliens
Non-Carbon Based Life Forms
Members & History of Lyrian Race
Motivations and Activities of ET Races
Project Serpo - Zeta Reticuli
Project Serpo Story Credible?
What Colors Fill Alien Worlds?
Bob Lazar Area 51 Employee
Bob Lazar Timeline - Part 1, 2
Bob Lazar: A Synopsis - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Dreamland Timeline (1955-Present)
Drive Up to Area 51
Exempt from Information Disclosure
Fusion & ET Space Technology
Guard Shack
Hackers Dig Up Trouble at Area 51
Hangar 18
Interview with Bob Lazar - 1989
Interview with Bob Lazar - 1993
Lake Area 51 Resort
Location of "Dreamland"
Long Runway
Mysterious Circle Just SEast of S-4
Radar Antennas
S-4 (Papoose Lake)



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