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Extraterrestrial Conversations

10.10.2006 -  Preston Dennett | Part 1 | Part 2

One of the rarest types of UFO encounter is an onboard experience or a face-to-face encounter with an actual extraterrestrial. In my twenty years of UFO investigations, I have uncovered only a handful of these types of very close encounters. Surprisingly, in the vast majority of these encounters, there is little or no conversation between the humans and the aliens.

In the cases where there is conversation, it is often one-sided and limited to the extraterrestrials giving platitudes to the frightened witnesses. It’s the same phrase over and over again. I’ve heard it a thousand times. It’s almost like a broken record. The first word out of the aliens’ mouths (or minds) is invariably, "DO NOT BE AFRAID. WE WON’T HURT YOU."

While the aliens are usually very tight-lipped, occasionally they will engage people in brief conversations or relay brief messages.


CASE ONE: "You Won’t Remember This."

My first case involving conversations between humans and ETs occurred to the Robinson family of Reseda, California. In 1989, the family experienced a series of sightings and abductions by gray-type aliens, culminating in what UFO investigators call "a baby presentation."

The main witness, Kelly Robinson, experienced four consecutive visitations over a period of a few months. During each encounter, she was able to converse with the aliens.

On the first encounter, Kelly awoke to find four gray-type ETs standing around her bed. One spoke telepathically, telling her."Do not be afraid. Come with us. You won’t remember this."

Kelly, however, was a very feisty, independent twenty-year-old, and like twenty percent of abductees, she did remember. She recalled being taken into a small round room and placed on a table. They told her, "We’re going to take your memory away. You’ll not remember this...Don’t be afraid. We’re not going to hurt you. You can’t remember this."

Alien ConversationKelly screamed at them, "Yes, I will!"

This argument went back and forth, with the aliens telling her she couldn’t and wouldn’t remember, and Kelly screaming back that she would.

They then cut her arm. She woke up the next morning and immediately looked at her arm. A neat two-inch scar was exactly where she remembered the aliens cutting her.

Two weeks later, the aliens returned, telling her, "We’re going to take your memory."

Kelly screamed at them, "No, you’re not. I’m going to tell."

They told her, "No, you’re not....Your parents wouldn’t understand. You better not tell them, you know."

Kelly screamed out that she would tell her father.

They said, "No, no, no! You can’t."

A few weeks later, they came again. As usual, they attempted to erase her memory of the incident. They told her, "You’re going to forget everything."

However, as usual, Kelly had some recall of the events. Says Kelly, "I don’t know specifically what they asked me. They were asking me things about what we do, but you know, I can’t specifically say. They [said,] ‘this will happen and that will happen.’ I think it’s about my job or something."

Says Kelly, "It’s hard for me to remember. They say, "You’re going to forget everything.’...It’s totally stressed on, "We’re not going to let you remember this. We’re going to take your memory of this away."

On her final encounter, the aliens appeared and said, "We need to talk to you. Come with us."

Kelly resisted and threatened to tell her father. They said, "No, you can’t tell your dad."

Says Kelly, "I think they’re religious. They’re not really out to hurt us. They’re out to learn. But they’re afraid for us to remember because they’re afraid we would tell people about them."


CASE TWO: "They Have Everything But Love."

Kelly Robinson’s mother, Diane, had an experience which she calls a "dream," but is clearly connected to the UFO encounters of her family. Diane recalls being taken into a room where she was shown babies who were genetically altered. First revealed by researcher Budd Hopkins, these rare cases involve abductees who are told to hold and nurture babies that appear to be half-alien and half-human. In most cases, there is little information exchanged. Diane, however, was given a brief explanation.

Alien BabyShe recalled being taken to a room where she saw a large contraption shaped like a Christmas tree, but instead of branches there were incubators filled with babies.

Diane was told to pick a baby and hold it. She refused because the babies appeared to be deformed. Says Diane, "Every one of them had something wrong with them. And she said it was sad, because it wasn’t planned that way, that they had all these things wrong with them....She said they had everything but love. She said, ‘That’s why I’d like you to take one and love it....They have problems. They are different. But they still need love."

Diane was unable to overcome her revulsion and refused to hold the babies. Following this experience, all the UFO encounters of the Robinson family ended.


CASE THREE: "There’s Going to be a Rebellion."

During my research into the UFO wave over Topanga Canyon, California (see UFOs Over Topanga Canyon, Llewellyn, 1999), I uncovered several cases involving face-to-face extraterrestrial encounters. Again, in most cases, the aliens either didn’t speak or said only, "Do not be afraid, we won’t hurt you." However, in a few cases, messages were given. One case is that of the Martin family. It was Sarah Martin, the mother, who actually spoke with the extraterrestrials.

Sarah Martin’s encounters occurred during the peak of the UFO wave and involved several close-up sightings and at least one onboard encounter. Sarah recalls being inside a small circular room surrounded by small robed figures. Says Sarah, "To be honest with you, I can’t remember their faces. I just remember talking to them...and they were talking to me. And this is what they said: ‘Why are you so involved in this [Ross Perot] campaign? Why are you wasting your time? It’s going to fall apart, one by one, and whoever wins, it doesn’t matter because the whole system is going to come down around everybody. There’s going to be a rebellion. And you’re not a part of this, so don’t get involved.’"

At the time, Sarah was heavily involved in the Ross Perot presidential campaign. After the experience, she dropped all her political activities. Says Sarah, "This was so incredible. In my mind, I keep going over again what they said: ‘You’re not a part of this, so don’t be a part of it. Get away from all of it.’...The other thing too is something about an earthquake, a big earthquake. Something like that...but the thing that stuck out the most was, ‘Why are you so involved? Why are you letting this consume your time? It’s not worth it, and it’s all going to fall apart.’"

A few years later, the devastating Northridge earthquake struck, destroying several homes in Topanga Canyon.


CASE FOUR: "We Need Babies."

Interestingly, another Topanga witness received prophetic warnings of the Northridge earthquake the night before it occurred, thereby saving her from serious injury or even death. Marcellina X had had encounters all her life, but it wasn’t until she moved into Topanga Canyon that she began to experience face-to-face visitations. Following the earthquake, she had an encounter with a gray-type extraterrestrial in her home.

During the encounter, the ET spoke to her telepathically. Says Marcellina, "It was telling me they were trying to invent ways of intercourse. They needed babies. It was just telling me a bunch of things telepathically. There would be more earthquakes. And then you know, we had all those earthquakes all over the world....I had changed my living room after the earthquake with a whole bunch of pictures I had painted of planets. And they told me that’s not exactly the way it looked there...[they said] I would be able to heal myself and I would be able to heal them. If they wanted me to heal them, I would be able to heal them."

Following this experience, Marcellina experienced the missing-fetus syndrome. Well known among UFO investigators, this syndrome involves women who become pregnant following a UFO encounter and then mysteriously lose the fetus. Marcellina also experienced subsequent paranormal healing events.

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