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Eerie Witch's Brew

A smoking cauldron of punch made with grapes and orange peel masquerading as eyeballs and worms.
4 c Cranberry juice cocktail
1 c chopped candied ginger -- (1 jar)
3 medium oranges
1 - 12-oz can thawed frozen apple juice concentrate
1 - 6 oz can thawed frozen limeade concentrate
2 c Seedless grapes
4 c Water
2 Bottles (32 oz each) gingerale
1 lb Dry ice -- up to 2 lbs

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A SERIOUS CAUTION: never touch dry ice; always use tongs to handle dry ice. Don't eat it! Don't try to chip or break it--shards could hit your eye. Also use care when evaporating large quantities of Dry Ice. CO2 is heavier than air and will pile up near the ground, so if you have any babies or pets crawling around down there, they could suffocate. Don't put small pieces of Dry Ice into a plastic soda bottle half full of water, then put the cap on the soda bottle and wait several seconds or minutes until it explodes. Especially in Utah, where this activity is a felony.
In a 1 to 2 quart pan, bring 1 cup of cranberry juice and candied
ginger to a boil over high heat. Boil, uncovered, about 2 minutes, set aside.
With a vegetable peeler, pare peel (colored part only) from oranges; cut peel into thin 2-inch-long worms; or use an Oriental shredder to make long shreds. Add orange peel to cranberry mixture. Cover and chill at least 4 hours or as long as overnight.
Juice oranges; put juice in a 6 to 8 quart pan or heavy bowl. Stir in cranberry-ginger mixture, the 3 cups cranberry juice, apple juice concentrate, limeade, grapes and water. If made ahead, cover and chill up to 2 hours. Add ginger ale and about a 1 pound piece of dry ice (DO NOT put small pieces in punch or cups); ice should smolder at least 30 minutes. Ladle into cups. Add any remaining ice when bubbling ceases.
Makes 5 quarts; allow about 1-1/2 cups for a serving.

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