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Haunted Locations in Houston, Texas

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Haunted Hotels
in Texas

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Texas is considered to be one of the most haunted states in the nation with more than 200 ghost towns among its colorful history. Texas residents and visitors alike, enjoy sharing ghoulish, paranormal tales for centuries. Many tales in the Lone Star state, report ghost sightings or phenomena are so common, that many Ghost Tour Companies in Texas, are offering walking tours of their resident phantoms, haunts and ghostly attractions.

A Ghostly Reputation!
The Menger Hotel (1859)
is one of the most famous haunted hotels in the world!

The historic Menger Hotel In San Antonio Texas, is located adjacent to the Alamo in the heart of downtown. The old hotel has a ghostly reputation as one of the most-haunted hotels in the world. First opened in 1859, the Menger Hotel has hosted many luminaries over the years, including U.S. presidents Ulysses S. Grant and Theodore Roosevelt. Other guests have included Buffalo Bill, Beverly Sills, Oscar Wilde, and Roy Rogers. The list of residents even includes American Indian leader Geronimo, who was briefly imprisoned in the hotel's basement.

A figure dressed in a military style uniform is occasionally seen in the Menger Hotel bar is suspected to be Teddy Roosevelt. Between his time as Secretary of the Navy and US President, Roosevelt recruited many of his "Rough Riders", a voluntary cavalry that fought in the Spanish-American War.

Captain Richard King, founder of the famous King Ranch, and an impressive figure in old Western finery spent his final months in the hotel after becoming ill. He died in the hotel and is frequently reported as being seen standing in the doorway of the King Ranch Room.

A figure of a man clad in a buckskin jacket and gray trousers appears by a bed and asking someone in the room "Are you gonna stay or are you gonna go?" three times. A lady sits knitting in the lobby and wears a blue dress and a beret with a tassel. An employee asks" "Are you comfortable.may I get you something?" The lady replies "no" in an unfriendly tone and disappears. The Menger Hotel is just steps from the Alamo for these supernatural escapades? The hotel so the land lends itself to folklore.

There are many alleged spirits reportedly stalking the Menger Hotel, but the one most commonly reported is the ghost of Sallie White. Sally White was a chambermaid was murdered by her husband in 1876. She is clad in an old, long gray skirt, a bandana, and carrying towels which she never delivers. Reports of her mysterious footsteps along the now carpeted hallway are a point of excitement for many guests. Unusual sounds and things being moved by unseen hands are often reported, suffice it to say, the Menger Hotel is the ghost hunter's first choice in San Antonio, Texas.

The Emily Morgan Hotel is impressive, a Gothic Revival that overlooks the Alamo and its courtyard. This is one way to spot a ghost at the Emily Morgan - some guests have claimed they saw spirits roaming the Alamo courtyard.
Tragic tale of Douglas Moore.
His torso was cut in half by the elevator doors!

Once a very lavish hotel, the huge Baker Hotel in Mineral Wells, Texas was the site of many wonderful times. Eventually closed in 1970, ghost stories still continue to circulate. The most eerie story of the old Baker would have to be the tragic tale of the death of a young elevator operator by the name of Douglas Moore. The original story was told that in 1948, Douglas went to work at the Baker and quickly began to earn a lot of money - perhaps too much - for an elevator operator.

After a period of gainful employment, Douglas confessed to his mother that he had become a minor part of an illegal prostitution racket in the hotel. His mother insisted that he quit. Douglas went a step farther and reported the happenings to the local authorities not knowing that some were actually involved in the ring. Douglas was laid off but was suddenly called back to work two weeks later. Upon returning to his job he found himself in the basement playing around in the service elevator late one night with two other bellboys. This particular elevator had a call button that would send it rapidly from the basement to the top elevator room without stopping.

It was reported by the other two boys that one of them accidentally depressed the call button when Douglas was not completely inside the elevator - suddenly trapping his body halfway out and severing him at the waist. Many believed the two boys were paid to kill Douglas.

Some have reported seeing the ghost of Douglas lurking about in the basement area. Some say that only the upper portion of his body and his head can be seen, the lower portion is of course, missing.

The Flagship Hotel [] at Flagship Hotel Ghost Galveston2501 Seawall Boulevard in Galveston, Texas. Interesting because it was built over the water and, reportedly haunted by victims of the 1900 storm.

The Hotel Galvez [] at Galvez Hotel Ghost Galveston Texas2024 Seawall Boulevard in Galveston, Texas. Haunted by the spirit of a young woman who hung herself in a tower after her lover died at sea. Those hoping for something supernatural might want to request a room on the 7th floor, where there have been many reports over the years of apparitions, temperature anomolies and unexplained noises.

Tremont House Hoteltremont hotel haunted galveston [] at Tremont hotel phantom2300 Ships Mechanic Row in Galveston, Texas. Phantom footsteps are heard.

Post Rice Lofts [] formerly the Rice Hotel at Rice Lofts Post Oak Dancer Ghost ballroom JFK909 Texas Avenue in downtown Houston. Ghost dancers appear in the ballroom. November, 1963. The room where John F Kennedy spent his last night is haunted.


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