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Glycol (Fizzle) Punch

This punch only requires two ingredients and it looks really gruesome!
1. Diet Mountain Dew, which has an decidedly evil odd yellow glow to it.
2. A fluorescent blue liquid. We suggest Blue Kool-Aid, made according to the package directions.

Start by pouring out some of the Mountain Dew into another container and replace with the blue Kool-Aid. You know you've got it right when you get the sickly yellow-green of many Glycol-based Antifreezes. Plus, when you drink, it fizzes! halloween punch, glycol punch, lemon lime punch, mountain dew, 7up, spriteThis is a truly disgusting looking punch that kids love. You can also use dry ice for the punch, just make sure there's adult supervision as you don't want the kids touching the ice!

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