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Carve a Jack O'Lantern for Halloween

Right-Click on the image, and select "Save Picture As" to download the Carving a pumpkin

graphic to your computer. Open the image in your graphics viewer program and print. Next, while under the supervision of an adult, cut out the black sections with scissors. Attach the resulting template on your pumpkin, and you can trace through the openings with a felt pen to put the pumpkin carving pattern on your pumpkin. A carving knife can be used to cut the design out of the pumpkin.

See suggested steps to pumpkin carving

Click the images to print your selection.

angry pumpkin, mad jack o'lantern
bats, multiple bats
Black Cat, Halloween cat
party cat
Clown, clowns
colonel, ghost leader
create your own pumpkin template
lurch, adams family halloween
werewolf, creature
queen elvira, elvira
happy pumpkin, happy jack
wicked, evil eye
girls face, female, woman
gargoyle, ghoul, ghost
gargoyle, halloween creature, monster
gecko, geico, lizard
ghost, goblin
halloween, happy halloween
october harvest, fall harvest
heart and soul, heartfelt pumpkin
haunted house, scary house
candle, jack o'lantern
laughing jack, happy jack
jack o'lantern, traditional jack o'lantern
knifed pumpkin
haunted jack, haunted pumpkin
cat, feline, unlucky
luthern rose
winter owl, halloween owl
frightful pumpkin, frightening jack o'lantern
scary jack, scarey pumpkin
scared pumpkin, scared jack o'lantern
pumpkin clown, clown jack o'lantern
skull, bones
spider, black widow spider
stars at night
moonlight, sun and moon
tombstone, headstone, rip, rest in peace
haunted woods, haunted trees
typical pumpkin
witch, flying witch, broomstick
winking pumpkin
witch, witches brew, kettle





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