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Halloween Napkin Rings

This makes a good craft for a Halloween party. It's fairly quick to do if you do the first four steps prior to the party. Then let the party-goers glue on their own bats, use stickers and sparkles to decorate, and add their names.

  • empty toilet paper rolls
  • printer
  • printer paper (white or color)
  • scissors
  • glue (stick glue works great for kids)
  • crayons, markers or colored pencils
bat napkin ring

Print out the template of choice:
Template for black and white printers
Template for color printers

  • Color the bats and strips of the blk & wht template and cut out the pieces.
  • Glue the rectangular piece onto the tp roll.
  • Cut the tp roll into 4 pieces along the dotted lines.
  • Glue on the bats to decorate.

Alternative Decorating Ideas:

  • Use stickers, sparkles, sparkle glue, or felt to decorate the napkin ring further.
  • Use a marker to inscribe the name of the guest on each napkin ring.
  • Print the black and white template on construction paper. Print a second copy on white paper and mix & match the pieces.
  • Set your page margins to zero (FILE, PAGE SETUP on most browsers) so the templates print out fully.


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