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Make your own Cool Whip Ghost!

Halloween is a time for Goblins,
Goofs, Ghosts and fun.

Cool Whip Lid Ghost


  • Cool Whip Lid or other similar sheer white lid
  • 3 Black Construction Paper circles for eyes and mouth
  • 2 sheer white plastic grocery sacks
  • 2 white pipe cleaners (chenille stem)
  • Scotch tape
  • Glue stick
  • Black yarn
  • Hole punch



Glue eyes and mouth on front of lid. Cut off any writing or graphics, and handles from grocery sacks. Lay the sacks on a flat surface. With scissors, shred 2" strips up sacks leaving at least 1" area intact next to the seam.

Glue the pipe cleaner/chenille stem into the seam. Turn lid over on flat surface. Bend and insert the pipe cleaner/seam into the ridge around the bottom 1/2 of the lid. Tape to secure in place.

Repeat with the 2nd sack and stem, and insert in the ridge around the upper 1/2 of the lid. Punch a hole through top of the lid. Thread a length of yarn through the hole appropriate for hanging. Kids may prefer to have a loop on the end of around 1 1/2' length so they could hold on and run with them. They "fly" nicely and appear as though you are being "chased" by a little ghost!


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