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What are the basic requirements for becoming a Blue Angel demonstration pilot? Each applicant must be career-oriented, carrier-qualified, active-duty Navy or Marine Corps tactical jet pilot with a minimum of 1,250 flight hours.
How many Blue Angels demonstration pilots have there been? Including the 2006 season, the Blue Angels have had 231 demonstration pilots, and 31 Flight Leaders/Commanding Officers.
Do the Blue Angels pilots go through Strike Fighter Wing Pacific's TOPGUN?Some current and former Blue Angels pilots have gone through TOPGUN, however it is not a prerequisite.
How do you determine where to hold an air show? Each September the Department of Defense receives hundreds of requests to hold air shows featuring the Navy Blue Angels. After the Department of Defense screens requests for basic eligibility, requests are forwarded to the Blue Angels' Commanding Officer. The squadron reviews each air show request, considering input from the Chief of Naval Information and Navy Recruiting Command. In December, the Blue Angels' Events Coordinator, along with Navy and Department of Defense officials, meet at a scheduling conference in Washington, D. C. for final considerations and approval.

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