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Alien Documents - Did Aliens Give Us AIDS - Part 2


Did Aliens Give Us AIDS? -Part 2-

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This is part 2 of the story from SG:

John, I'll try and finish off my explanation of the HIV/AIDS virus as a method of population reduction.

I don't believe that other branches of the service were involved in this plot. The USAF was in control of Project Blue Book, and I believe that only Airmen were inoculated with either the virus or the vaccine/cure. I don't believe that a large number of Airmen were inoculated, it would not have been necessary to do so.

Once the prostitute population of Panama were infected and began to infect sailors on ships going to other ports around the world, this disease was off and running. The fewer Airmen infected the fewer branches of service involved, the better, less chance that someone would uncover this insane plot. Now we come to the second method that is being actively used to reduce the world population, depleted uranium (DU), U238. Twice as dense as lead, 60% as radioactive as natural uranium, half-life of 4.5 billion years.

Alien AIDS HIV VirusFirst used in the first Gulf war by President George H.W. Bush. I believe that these types of DU munitions were produced and stockpiled from the late 70s to the mid 80s in anticipation of an all out war between a Communist Russia and an Islamic Middle East. If that war had happened, we would have supplied the ME nations with these DU munitions, these ME nations would have used these DU munitions on the Russians and contaminated they own land with toxic heavy metals that are radioactive.

That war didn't happen, but when Saddam Hussein invaded Kuwait, it gave President Bush the chance to start using these types of munitions, that's why we entered that war so quickly. Why use depleted uranium as a method of population reduction? If the people of the ME under the Islamic faith if not Islamic law, would not condone sexual promiscuity, homosexuality or prostitution, the HIV/AIDS virus might have little effect. Thousands of tons of DU munitions have been used in the ME since the first Gulf war.

As a former worker for DoD, Defense Industrial Plant Equipment Center (1976-1987), I believe that I warehoused some of the machinery used to produce these types of munitions, at least the 20mm, 30mm and 40mm shells. How is DU used to reduce population? Besides the obvious use as munitions, on impact, DU starts to burn, creating nano particles, particles so small they can be absorbed through the skin. There has been an increase in cancer rates and birth defects in the ME, because of DU.

In the last few months; I've e-mailed two autism websites about DU being a possible cause in the increase in autism. Both stated, they know of no research into DU as a possible cause of autism, one stated that my hypothesis seems perfectly reasonable. One site made this statement, between 1993 and 2003, the number of American schoolchildren with autism diagnoses increased by over 800%.

Currently, the statistics for autism are 1 in 150 children. That's children in America, not in the ME. If you contaminate one area of the planet, one day the whole world will be contaminated. The corrupt media we listen to, might on a rare occasion say something about a terrorist using a dirty/radiological bomb, but says nothing about all the DU munitions used in the ME. It's the exact same material.

I believe that DU has a greater potential of population reduction than the HIV/AIDS virus does. Even though I believe the covert/shadow has a vaccine/cure for this disease, there are still drugs used to treat this disease. I don't believe that there are going to be any drugs, vaccines/cures to treat medical problems related to DU. Once the genetic make-up of the human race is disrupted, and people can no longer produce normal, healthy children, the human race becomes extinct.

Now that is population reduction carried to the extreme. There is another heavy metal munitions, used in the conflict in Lebanon last year, which might also explain cattle mutilations, Dense Inert Metal Explosives, (DIME). Low collateral damage munitions, I guess some poor cow grazing in some field was being used as a target to test this type of munitions.

The last two years of my employment by DoD before being harassed out of my job, I worked around all types of metals, and I can assure you, that being exposed to metals, heavy or not, is not good for you health, both physically or psychologically.


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