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August 1981, Part 2,

BC: Liberty. ... Liberty County.

BC/VL: (talking at same time): No, We we were in Montgomery county...

CJC: OK, Montgomery County.

BC/VL: ...but we live in Liberty County.


BC/VL: No, we live in Dayton County.

(pause, ... chuckle from VL or BC)

CJC: OK, were you returning from Houston or... what was your reason for being down in that area? Could you... would you mind telling us?

BC: Well we hadn't thought about it being a Monday night because we'd had so many holidays, and we had gone to Cleveland that night to play Bingo. We got to Cleveland there was no bingo game. We couldn't... we figured out, well it was through the holidays they had canceled it. So we thought well, we'd go on to New Caney, 'cause they had Bingo over there also. We got to New Caney and there was still no bingo, not realizing that it was on a Monday night instead of a Tuesday, and we stopped at the truck stop restaurant there on ... 59 and 1485 (unintelligible)

Bingo Game Running from Aliens

CJC: About what time was that?

BC: Must have been about eight, eight-thirty.

CJC: P.M., right?

BC: Right... and after we got through eating, we got in the car and started home, and we drove approximately... I'd say maybe twelve miles, when we spotted this object, and we kept watching it, we couldn't figure out what it was, not ever dreaming that we were going to run... dead into it. But all of a sudden, when we got out on this country road, it just set down, almost level with the treetops. Well, it had lit up the entire sky. Well it was seen as far as fifty miles away from where we were. But, on that country road, the lights were so bright, and the heat was so intense, I got out of the car. I don't know what my purpose was unless it was just normal instinct to think well, maybe I'd be safer outside than I would be inside. But tell you the truth, we thought the end of the world was coming. I mean we'd I'd never in my life gone through such a situation. But I knew that there was no way we could go under it the way the fire was shooting out the bottom of it. CJC: Now, who all was in the car at this time?

BC: Vicki, Colby and myself.

CJC: OK. Those are the three people that are here today?

BC: Right.

CJC: What type of car were you driving?

BC: A 1980 Cutlass Oldsmobile.

CJC: Was it a two or four door?

BC:Two door.

CJC: OK. Now ah... could you please just draw... a picture of whatever it was that you saw if it had a discernible shape, and just sign it and date it for me if you would. And again, I realize you're not an artist so don't worry about that, just do your best to try to draw a picture of it.

BC:(laughing) Vicki says I'm the world's worst.

(Pause, ... Betty apparently drawing UFO.


BC: Its supposed to be a diamond shape, but its not very good.

CJC: OK, and go ahead and just sign your name and date it at the bottom.

(Pause, ... Betty apparently signing drawing.)

CJC: Now show it to Ms. Landrum, and Ms. Landrum, do you agree that that was approximately the shape of what it was that you saw?

VL:Yes sir, but the fire was coming right down to here... (unintelligible)

CJC:How big would you say that this object was, can you describe it in a term that you are familiar with?

BC:Well, the only thing that I can believe that I can establish, maybe it was as large, if not larger than a water tower.

CJC: OK, in other words, it was that tall?

BC: Yes... definitely.


CTD:Did you say this was over a tree?

BC:It was over the road, it was... they have real huge tall pine trees in that area and it was hanging down over the pine trees.

CJC: :So it burned the trees up.

BC: Well, (sighs) they were very brown, I'll put it to you like that.


BC: There's pictures of it.

UFO between the Pine Trees

CJC: Ms. Landrum, if you would, go ahead and... if you agree with the description of that object would you please sign and date it too? Um... now I want you to tell me once you stepped outside the car, what you did and what happened.

BC: I walked toward the front of the car, and the light was so bright, and so... the heat was so intense, I didn't know whether to run, to get back in the car, or what, and I stood there for few minutes. Not too long because it was so hot and the light was so bright. And then I stared to yet back in the car, and when I did I had to use the bottom of my leather jacket. I touched the door handle, and the door handle was so hot I couldn't stand it with my bare hand, so I got the pocket of my leather jacket to open the car door and get back in. And at this time it was... fire would shoot out of it and then it would let up, when it would let up... it made... I don't know what kind of sound to tell you it was making, it... similar to air brakes... or?... a whooshing sound.

VL: (breaking in) We're going to a radio station to detect the sounds today.



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