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Area 51 | Bob Lazar Interview 1993 Pt2


October 1993


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Q: What did you know about Project Looking Glass? [Ed. note: allegedly a project to look backward in time]

BL: Very, very little.

Q: Is that project being run out of S-4 as well or is that at another location?

BL: No. All that's at S-4.

Q: When you were threatened before going to Japan for an interview, why do you think that they haven't made threats like that while you were here in this country?

BL: What do you mean? Why don't they threaten me now? I don't know. A lot of time has gone by. I can't even guess. You know, maybe that was before much word got around, and they were more concerned about it back then.

Q: Have you had any network exposure, I mean with major networks like ABC or CBS?

BL: Some of the trash stuff, like "Current Affair", have picked up on the story.

Q: There were no serious attempts to get your story?

BL: Oh, yeah, there was CNN and a bunch of other places that did run something. Yeah, there was quite a bit.

Q: Anything from scientific groups?

BL: Not that's published and that's ongoing now.

Q: Why do you think it's taking so long for main stream science to -

BL: Oh, they hate stuff like this not UFOs, but they hate it if you come up with another theory that essentially disproves everything else. You can't believe the jealousy in that field. They'll spend the rest of their careers just trying to [academically] assassinate you and ruin your credibility.

Q: Ego?

BL: Oh, absolutely. Especially if you're a young guy and haven't been involved in their work. I mean they might have worked their whole lives in the thing and they can't . . .

Q: Your co-workers at S-4, did you detect an arrogance or ego on their part?

BL: No. Not at all. They really feel privileged. as I did when I was there, to be involved with it. And we kind of pushed off everyone else. The feeling was something like, "you're right, this should be secret, to hell with everyone else." [laughs] I would agree with that, that's what I would do. Yeah, believe me, when you're involved with it, you feel like, "hey we're it!" That's really the attitude I had when I was there.

Q: You made the statement that there is some information which you choose not to reveal. I imagine that's because of national security.

BL: Oh, there's information about weapons and things like that [unintelligible]

Q: So didn't you feel like you were breaking some kind of an honor code by -

BL: Well, not just honor but legally [unintelligible] but -

Q: Why weren't you imprisoned?

BL: Well, what are they going to bring me up on? For them to do that, they would have to say that this is secret information.

Q: Does it concern you that nobody else has come out publicly? [Ed note: at the Triad UFO conference in July 1993 in Seattle, George Knapp, the TV reporter who has been following this, said that he has had several sources separately confirm elements of Lazar's story.

BL: Well, yeah, publicly it bothered me, but you know, privately, people have.

Q: Did you ever speak among your co-workers and say, "God, this is so incredible..."

BL: Yeah, to another guy [name deleted] That's why I'm really anxious to find him...because he seemed like, with coaxing at that time, he would have said something.

Q: Do you know of any other place where this kind of work is going on?

BL: I was told when I was there that S-4 was the only place. You know there were stories of Hangar 18 and other Air Force bases that...purposely everything is kept at one location.

Q: Did you ever get the feeling that maybe if you had stayed in this just a little longer, you'd have more to tell? Why didn't you go that route?

BL: Oh, well, there's a big long story why I left [Ed note: Later in the conference, Lazar told the story in which he, John Lear and others were caught near S-4 watching a test of one of the crafts of the type Lazar was allegedly working on. This and BL. related circumstances caused Lazar to leave the program.]

Q: I know they kind of threatened you because of meetings with John Lear.

BL: Yeah, but there's a big chain of events that hap pened, I mean they -

Q: Bob, there's a lot of speculation as to why, right after you started, you spoke to John. Did you feel morally obligated to come out and tell the story so the rest of us would know?

BL: I haven't the slightest idea why I told John. I really didn't know him that well then. Later, I found out that the things they [people at S-4] told me about John were essentially a lie. And John has spent a couple of years trying to track this [the S 4 story] down. And, because at the time I had the flight schedules, really all I did was say "at 9 o'clock this day, there's going to be a flight, you want to see something?" And we went out there and watched, and after that I said, "that's it, let's drop it."

Q: Did John ever express any doubt about your work or the things you were telling him?

BL: Well, there wasn't much time from when I told him about the flight to when we went out to watch it. He brought out his Celestron telescope, and when we got out there, he whipped this big telescope out, and I said, "oh, my God, okay, John, that's it!"

Q: Did you at any time think you wanted to go to the regular media with this?

BL: No. Obviously not.

Q: Would you go to White Sides anytime, say, in a couple of hours maybe?

BL: White Sides? What's that?

Q: The mountain, White Sides, from where you can see Groom Lake.

BL: But nothing's at Groom Lake Area 51. [Ed note: remember Bob claims alien craft are tested at S-4 not Area 51.]

Q: Where would you go if you wanted to view what's going on at S-4?

BL: People often go to the Mailbox Road [intersection of Mailbox Road and Highway 375] but you really can't see [any S-4 activity] from Mailbox Road, you want the road further up [a few miles south], the other long line on the map, Groom Road. That's where we viewed it from. We went all the way up and to the left [on Groom road] so we could get closer to S-4. My friend works for Central LA regional telephone company, and he says that if you go over by Mount Charleston, I can't remember exactly where right now, you can see right down on [unintelligible] and you can actually see the vehicles moving from that area.

Q: From Mount Charleston? That's a hundred miles away, though.

BL: But he said he goes up there all the time and other Central people do; they can see the vehicles moving.

BL: [Went on to the next question.]

Q: When you were working there, were there any connections with any projects in Australia?

BL: None that I heard of. I know that there are connections in the Soviet Union, but nothing in Australia.

Q: Bob, some people that have been hanging around the Mailbox, people that George Knapp used to corroborate your story, said that they saw a saucer shaped object hovering around the Mailbox actually, it was about a hundred yards away. Would that be something totally different from something going on at S-4, non-exotic technology?

BL: Well, you know, down at Groom, they're working on all types of secret aircraft.

Q: So you think that craft was terrestrial technology?

BL: I don't know, that depends on what they saw. If it's hovering silently, and it's a large...it's hard to say until you actually see it. I'm not privy to all the information, but I really don't know of any kind of vertical take-off and landing craft being worked on right now at Area 51, though there may be.

Q: Did they ever indicate that the technology that you were working on was associated with Roswell or previous crashes or anything like that?

BL: No.

Q: Bob, would you characterize your work at S-4 as being the most exciting thing you've ever worked on?

BL: [smiles] Oh, of course, yeah. Without a doubt.

Q: Do you think they'll be able to replicate a vehicle sometime in the future?

BL: Some of the technology, yeah, but not the propulsion. Because you'd need the reactor and the reactor is a technology that doesn't even exist yet [unintelligible]. You could certainly make a weapon out of the fuel, though. That would be very easy to do.

Q: John [Lear] said that you were the source of some information about the fact that the Grays were a mercenary force that was interfering.

BL: No.

Q: You said it's very difficult to get this propulsion system going. Are the things that are flying strictly reactors built by alien technology? No terrestrial technology?

BL: No, absolutely. Nothing. One of the things we were trying to do was, starting with alien operating reactors and operating amplifiers, we tried to substitute different pieces of man-made material in various parts of the system. The only thing we got to work was essentially substituting a wave guide, and of course that's essentially a pipe. But when we made any changes to the gravity amplifiers they stopped working after that. You know, everyone was really afraid to fool around with the reactor too much.

Q: You said in your video tape that they [technicians trying to figure out how the reactor worked] were playing with the reactor and there was an explosion. [Ed note: Lazar said in his video tape that this explosion happened in May of 1987.]

BL: Yes, supposedly the history of what happened before me was that -

Q: Why were they cutting it open? What were they trying to achieve?

BL: I read the notes from the guys and, believe me, cutting open an operating reactor under load is the last thing I would do. I think they reached a point of frustration and were probably pressured, for example, "you guys gotta come up with something." And I think they cut into what they thought was the most innocuous or safest part of the reactor, and why they chose to do it when it was operating, I have no idea.


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