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The Project Serpo Story

Part 2

Project Serpo Exchange Program


My father died in 1995. He was retired from the U.S. Air Force. In 1990, he told me a story about a special mission that he was involved in back in 1965. He told me that this mission was about 12 military astronauts that went to another planet in a spaceship that was found in the New Mexico desert. He said the 12 men were trained at Tyndall Air Force Base, Florida, where he was stationed. He helped train the 12 in space endurance, which he was trained to do. He said the 12 left in 1965 and came back in 1978 and he was there to check them after they returned to this planet, Earth. I didn't know what to think about my dad's story. Back then, I just listened to him and thought maybe he was just making this up. But now, I realise he was telling the truth. It is too late for my father to know about this, but I know my father was being truthful to me and that makes me feel good. I look forward to reading more about this incredible story. (8)

Having been involved with the Defense Intelligence Agency for 35 years, I am well aware that this project is real. Whether the actual released information from this "ANONYMOUS" character is correct is another story. I don't recall the exact details of the debriefing, but I know there were thousand of hours of audio recordings done on the old-style military voice recording tapes. To the best of my knowledge, those tapes are locked up in a secure vault within DIA headquarters at Bolling Air Force Base, Washington, D.C. I cannot for the life of me figure out WHY this information is being released now. I caution all involved that this might be some "rogue" DIA warrior that is trying to embarrass the DIA.


I am a retired Army Colonel. I was stationed at the Defense Language Institute in the early '50s. My specialty was languages. I spoke five different languages. I was sent on a temporary duty assignment to the Special Intelligence Center Ft. Belvoir, Maryland in 1964. When I arrived, I was given a dictaphone recording of a language. I listened to that language and realized it was something I had never heard before. It didn't sound like a language, but more like pitches and tones created by some device. I was later told this language was an alien language and that I, along with others, would have to somehow translate it. Our team (18 language specialists) worked on this for six months but couldn't crack it. I then learned of a special operation mission of 12 astronauts to an alien planet. The 12 had to learn this language, but it was almost impossible for us to teach a language like this. We never did learn a single word and to the best of my knowledge, neither did the astronauts.


If accurate or partially accurate, the release of this kind of information obviously has many ramifications. As some of the “insider” comments seem to ask, “why” and “why now?” Do people in positions of knowledge and wisdom about the situation feel the public has a “need to know” about the alleged exchange program and the related implications? According to some researchers, there has been a gradual acclimation effort for many years, getting the public ready to accept and cope with this kind of information. Maybe we are ready now. Is there some new urgency or timing factor, either because of events in our government, internationally, on our planet or outside of our planet? Maybe the time has just come and it is judged that we can handle the truth of this situation. That would seem to be a good thing, because it might be helpful for the human race to get a better perspective and a bigger picture of human existence. Maybe it would help us rise above our wars, violence, terrorism and increase efforts to eliminate human suffering and prevent the possible very serious environmental damage to our planet.

Some people are concerned about or have predicted a coming catastrophe. They may use scientific methods to arrive at these possible scenarios. Similar concerns may have a basis in spiritual teachings, legends and warnings. Or, worries about a catastrophe for humans on Earth could be based on other conventional and unconventional intelligence sources. We can look at the news on any given day and imagine possible scenarios that could be very problematic for the human race. These scenarios could be biological, climatic, geologic or nuclear, to name a few. These may intersect too. For example, climatic or nuclear events would obviously have biological results for humans.

- Biological: A mutating bird flu is a danger. The potential of bioterrorism using an existing disease or genetically-modified disease is another. Some other disease could come at us.

- Climatic: Global warming and climate change is happening. Is there a “tipping point” coming where it will be a true disaster. Is our atmosphere in danger of some kind of collapse?

- Geologic: Is Earth due for dramatic earthquakes, volcanic activity and tsunamis? Some people think the Earth’s crust could shift in dramatic ways, causing many kinds of problems. Even a massive geological, crustal “pole shift” has been hypothesized.

- Nuclear: Will some rogue group or nation, or even a “respectable” country set off nuclear exchange that is devastating?

The dangers of these kinds of events might be dangerously close and maybe the Project SERPO information, even if it is not totally accurate, could be helpful in getting humans to change their points of view. Another reason could be that, in fact, the stories about extraterrestrial visitors, UFOs, abduction of humans and similar situations are true. Is something happening now in this area that requires greater information be made available to the public? Are we going to experience another strange incident like “The Phoenix Lights” when a huge triangular or boomerang-shaped UFO reportedly drifted silently, but very visibly, over a major American city one evening?


According to information found in various sources on these subjects, there may be several types of extraterrestrial species and civilizations visiting Earth. Their motives, goals and agendas may be quite different. Their methods of operation could also differ. Some may be quite friendly and helpful to us. Some might not be or could even pose a threat. Some may just be observing in a neutral way. This is similar to our international relations on Earth. Some nations and groups of people are allies and friends, some are hostile enemies. There are relationships that are neither and are somewhere in the middle. There are complex political, military, cultural, psychological and even spiritual relationships between nations and groups of people. The term “exopolitics” describes applying normal concepts of international diplomacy to relationships with visitors from other planets. Maybe we all need a better education on exopolitics and that is why information is being released.

Some reports indicate that there may be up to nine different types of extraterrestrial civilizations visiting Earth. They may be humanoid, that is, biologically somewhat like us. There are also reports of beings who are reptile-like or insect-like in their biological form. There may also be beings who have some form that is even more different, maybe some kind of energy that does not have a concrete biological form at all. Without accepting that any of this is true, it might be useful to at least admit to the possibility that some of it could be true. This would help us be prepared for some of these possibilities, just in case they ever occur.

As with our personal and international relationships, it is good to be able to identify and establish positive relationships with friends and family. It is equally helpful to identify potential enemies, people to stay away from and to have defenses against problems associated with them. If the reports of extraterrestrial visitors are true, in a way it’s really just business as usual. Dealing with people who are different or even strange is something many of us have dealt with in life. There are good people. The existence of bad people is also an unfortunate reality. And, it’s not always easy to sort out who’s who. It’s usually better to be safe than sorry in these kinds of challenges.


The Project SERPO information, whether accurate or inaccurate, might make us think about the brave and dedicated people in our military, intelligence and scientific communities. If extraterrestrial craft did crash in New Mexico in 1947, it would have posed a tremendous shock and worry for our national security authorities. If they did establish positive diplomatic relations with these visitors and an exchange program, that was quite an accomplishment. If any of this is true, many people wonder about what has happened in the decades since. The reports of the U.S. acquiring advanced technology make sense. The secrecy surrounding the situation also makes sense.

What other information and experiences were gained by Americans involved in these kinds of programs? Did we stay on a moral and spiritually sound path in dealing with visitors from another planet? The information on the Web site and from many other sources gives us a few clues on these and other questions. If Anonymous and his friends and associates continue to provide us with more information, we can continue to think further about these kinds of ideas and concepts.

Again, whether true, false or partially true, these accounts of an alleged program like Project SERPO can help us grow as human beings and help us gain a better perspective on the dangers of our own making that we face. If the stories are true, we could also learn more about the way physics, time and Nature function. We might learn about possibilities for further human development, our place in the Universe, Heaven and the mysteries of a Great Spirit.

Steve Hammons is the author of two novels about a U.S. Government and military joint-service research team investigating unusual phenomena. MISSION INTO LIGHT and the sequel LIGHT'S HAND introduce readers to the ten women and men of the "Joint Reconnaissance Study Group" and their exciting adventures exploring the unknown. Both novels are available from the Barnes & Noble Web site,, and other booksellers worldwide.

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author-Steve Hammons

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