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Live Green Go Yellow

Live Green Go Yellow is General Motors introduction to "FlexFuel" vehicles which will burn regular gasoline, gasohol, and E85. Flexible Fuel Vehicles are produced by many major automakers, including General Motors, Ford, DaimlerChrysler, Mercury, Mazda, Isuzu, Mercedes, and Nissan. E85 is available today at approximately 600 retail gas stations across the United States. E85 is a promising fuel that is evolving quickly as an alternative to gasoline. Even the IndyCar series is using ethanol in the high performance, race car engines.

renewable energy source

The availability of both the fuel itself and the Flexible Fuel Vehicles (FFVs) to utilize it is growing rapidly. Because it is for use only by these FFVs, E85 should always labeled clearly at the pump. According to 2004 fuel consumption statistics, ethanol was blended into approximately one-third of America's gasoline. The majority of that ethanol was consumed as E10, the 10 percent ethanol blend that can be used in all automobiles. Some motorists are already filling up with ethanol-blended fuel, but just aren't aware of it. Each state controls its own pump labeling requirements, so in some states this type of ethanol-blended fuel is labeled at the gas pump and in some it is not. The availability of E85 is expected to triple this year alone, according to National Ethanol Vehicle Coalition estimates.

Ethanol is not the newest, nor is it the only choice when it comes to Alternative Fuels. Biodiesel, Hydrogen powered, electric powered, methanol powered and compressed natural gas powered solutions are also worth considering. Fossil Fuels have a finite lifespan, besides the financial and environmental costs associated with them; the world needs to find a renewable resource for our energy requirements.

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