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How long is a Blue Angel tour of duty? The demonstration pilots, Maintenance Officer, Events Coordinator, and Flight Surgeon each serve a two-year tour. All other members, including the Narrator, serve a three-year tour. Each member returns to the fleet after completing a tour with the Blue Angels.
How many Marines serve in the squadron? There are 15 Marines on the 2006 team. Eight in Fat Albert, six in maintenance and #4.
How many females are in the squadron? The number of females varies each year. The 2006 team has 15 females.
How do team members deal with the time away from home? Individuals are made aware that they will be away from home a lot before they volunteer for duty with the team and are selected based on their ability to cope with, not only family separation, but with a strenuous practice and show schedule. Additionally, the Navy, Blue Angels, and civilian communities at Pensacola and El Centro provide a family-type support network.

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