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How many Blue Angels have made flag rank? Twelve former Blue Angels have made flag rank. The flag officers include: RADM E. L. Feightner (ret.), #5, 1952; RADM W. A. Gureck (ret.), #2,4, 1955-56; RADM W. Lewis Chatham (ret.), #5, 1952; RADM Ernest Christensen (ret.), #3, 4, 1969-70; RADM Jim Maslowski (ret.), #3/4, 1970-71; VADM Tony Less (ret.), #1, 1974-75; RADM William E. Newman (ret.), #1, 1978-79; RADM Dennis Wisely (ret.), #1, 1980-81; RADM P. D. Moneymaker (ret.), #1, 1989-90; VADM Pat Walsh, #3/4, 1985-87; RADM David Anderson, #5,6,7, 1985-87; and BGEN Mark Bircher, #2, 1985-1987.
What is the difference between a Blue Angel Hornet and the new F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet? The Super Hornet is 25% larger, can fly 40% further, remain on station 80% longer and carry more weapons than its predecessors. The Super Hornet F/A-18 E/F models have deployed with battle groups since 2001. This aircraft is the Navy's newest acquisition and its advanced technology will be used to carry the fleet into the 21st century.
Will the Blue Angels fly the Super Hornet? The decision to transition to the Super Hornet has yet to be determined.


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