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Prime contractor: Boeing Principal contractor (airframe):

Northrop Corporation Powerplant: Two General Electric F404-GE-400 low-bypass, turbofan engines; each in the 16K-pound thrust class

Radar: Hughes APG-65 with long-range detection in both head-on and tail-on aspects

Length: 56 feet Height: 15.3 feet

Wingspan: 40.4 feet (with missiles)

Wing area: 400 square feet Speed: Mach 1.7+ (1,200 mph)

First flight: November 1978 Crew: One (two in two-seat trainer version)

Combat radius: 500-plus nautical miles Combat ceiling: 50K feet (approx.)

Fuel: 11K lbs. internal, 16K lbs. w/external tanks (approx.) Max takeoff weight: 56K lbs. (approx.)

Fighter escort missions

Cost: Approximately $18 million


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