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asian, classroom, spy
Hot Teacher
magic marker, black marker, baby basket
I didit!
engineer, geometry, mathematics
Engineering Theory
rerigerator, hidden
Somewhere in here
fox news, jlo, news flub
J-Lo Blows
44.02 KB
overheated, melted, burnout
PC Meltdown
chocolates, candles, mini dickmans
Mini Candles?
generator, shorts, beach babe
What's not for sale
mousepad, computer peripherals
Mouse Pads for men
mission impossible, mousetrap, cheese
Mission Impossible
no parking, traffic management
No Parking
hooters, protest, decorated
Hooters Hotties
nutnhoney, cereal, cartoon
Nuttin Bitch!
monitor, crash, window
childproof, doggie door, crawlspace
Pet Door
popeye, olive oil, spinach, pipe
Popeyes Mom
harry potter, broomstick, bedknobs
Harry Potter
dating errors, mastercard, priceless
Priceless BJ
bodyart, tattoo, puppies
Nice Puppies
roller coaster, auto coaster, brakes
Redneck Thrill Ride
secret, hidden camera
Secret Video
shito mix, candy, cereal
Shito Mix
jessica simpson, snl, saturday night live
Ashley Simpson
on SNL
air spray, mist, aerosol, freshener
Smells Like...
bbs, newscaster, drug bust, burning
Smoking News
snl, punked, ashton, comedy
Punked SNL
SNL, harry potter, lindsey lohan
Harry Potter Magic Wand Video
snl, jeopardy, will ferrel
Jeopordy SNL
real estate
Sold to who?
mispainted, misspelled, sotp
mispainted, misspelled, sotp
SOTP Again
suffocation, no packing, no children, not child safe
Obivious Child Safety
swingset, park, busted
toll booth, squeeze play
Toll Booth lane
motorcycle cop, traffic ticket, underage, cop
Even the smallest violator
milk and cookies, titties and beer
Titties & Beer
trapped, stuck inside the screen
Trapped by his
own creation
underage fan, youngest fan, anger
cabaret, showgirls
Ugly Showgirls?
pregnancy, health factor, noise
Pre Natal Smoker
underage party, no kids, showplace
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