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United Virtualities Develops ID Backup to Cookies

Browser-Based "Persistent Identification Element" - Will Also Restore Erased Cookie

NEW YORK (March 31, 2005) United Virtualities, the leading innovator of creative marketing and technology solutions for the digital marketplace, today announced it has developed a backup ID system for cookies set by web sites, ad networks and advertisers, but increasingly deleted by users. UV's "Persistent Identification Element" (PIE) is tagged to the user's browser, providing each with a unique ID just like traditional cookie coding. However, PIEs cannot be deleted by any commercially available anti-spyware, mal-ware, or adware removal program.  They will even function at the default security setting for Internet Explorer 

"All advertisers, websites and networks use cookies for targeted advertising, but cookies are under attack. According to current research they are being erased by 40% of users creating serious problems," says Mookie Tenembaum, founder of United Virtualities. "From simple frequency capping to the more sophisticated behavioral targeting, cookies are an essential part of any online ad campaign. PIE will give publishers and third-party providers a persistent backup to cookies effectively rendering them unassailable ."

There are two types of PIES:

  • AccuCounter PIE, a cookie replacement that counts unique users accurately
  • Backup PIE: a PIE that not only counts unique users but also recognizes the visitor and restores any erased cookies.

"The erasing of cookies threatens many cookie dependent server-side applications from registration to targeting to traffic counting," says Mr. Tenembaum. "PIES are a cookie support product that ensures persistent identification of the users."

Implementation of the PIE technology is instantaneous and requires the insertion of just a line of code. UV plans to sell the PIE technology to publishers and Networks who are worried about cookies being deleted.

United Virtualities is the leading provider of innovative, advanced online advertising technology to marketers, their ad agencies and to web publishers. It offers a variety of rich media formats that are user-friendly and require no downloads to launch and play. More than 100 organizations around the world use United Virtualities' rich-media platform, designed to enable them to leverage dynamic, vibrant Web creative in the most distinctive ways imaginable

United Virtualities is best known as the originator of the now ubiquitous Shoshkele out-of-banner ad, one of the most successful rich-media formats in the industry. UV continues to heavily re-invest in R&D to create and rapidly deploy new online marketing solutions that anticipate and exceed clients requirements. The company devotes 20% of its entire workforce to Quality Assurance in the process of providing the best customer service in the online advertising industry.

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