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Computer Security refers to techniques for ensuring that data stored in a computer cannot be read or compromised by any individuals without authorization. Most security measures involve data encryption and passwords. New threats that are on the rise are aggressive viruses, intellignet spyware and increased phishing. Keeping your PC free of the ever growing variety of internet pests is getting tougher by the day. The only sure thing is to never surf the web, or read any email, from anyone but, internet celibacy is nearly pointless. I don't know of anyone who bought a computer with the intention that it would never be on the net. Almost everyone has, or will have high speed internet access. Broadband internet means quick access to the things you want as well as sites that you don't want.
The programmers who write popups, spyware, sdware, and virus's are getting more and more clever every day. Preventing infections is almost impossible, and cleaning them used to be much easier. A recent trend of infections is known as 'root kits'; these root kits are devious by nature and can be extremely hard to remove.

Computer Security

Microsoft Security Updates

Microsoft Security Bulleting MS06-045
Vulnerability in Windows Explorer
Microsoft Security Bulleting MS06-046
Vulnerability in HTML Help
Microsoft Security Bulleting MS06-047
Vulnerability in Microsoft Visual Basic
Microsoft Security Bulleting MS06-048
Vulnerabilities in Microsoft Office
Microsoft Security Bulleting MS06-049
Vulnerability in Windows Kernel
Microsoft Security Bulleting MS06-050
Vulnerabilities in Windows Hyperlink
Microsoft Security Bulleting MS06-051
Vulnerability in Windows Kernel




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