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Candy Cane Ornament


Candy Cane Diagram 1

1. The first few times you make the candy cane you will find it is helpful to write very light letters in each of the corners.

With the pencil, very lightly write the letters the corners of your paper as shown. Do this very lightly on both sides of the paper. Keep checking that you have the same letter in the same corner on both sides.

2. Draw a very light diagonal line from corner B (upper right) to C (lower left).

Candy Cane Diagram 2

3. Turn you paper so that the A and B corners are on the top edge. Use the ruler to help you draw straight red lines. The lines go across the paper from the left side stopping at the diagonal line.

Candy Cane Diagram 3

4. Turn the paper so that the B and D corners are at the top edge. The lines you just drew are now going up and down on the left.

5. Use the ruler to draw red crayon lines aross the paper starting at the diagonal line.

6. Go over the red lines so they are about a quarter of an inch or so wide.

Candy Cane Diagram 4

7. Turn your paper over face down. The blank side should now be face-up with the B and A corners on the top.

8. Draw a very light line from corner B (top left) to C (bottom right).

9. Tape the flattened out twist-ties, end to end, on the diagonal line starting at corner C (bottom right). The twist-ties will later help the crook of candy cane keep its shape.

Candy Cane Diagram 5

10. Keep the paper face down. Now you are going to roll the square into a tube. Start a corner D and begin rolling on the diagonal to corner A. You may want get started by rolling corner D over a pencil.

Candy Cane Diagram 6

11. Use a tiny piece of tape on corner A to fasten the tube closed.

12. Bend and curl the end with the twist-ties inside into a crook to make the candy cane shape. You can hang your candy cane on the tree by the crook or tape on a loop of yarn.

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